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    Question: Heavy grinders/players - How do you do it?

    I like this! Get'em sucked in while they are young! haha nah really though, good on you. My hats off to any individual who teaches our youth, mad respect.
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    AMA video will be delayed

    Maybe if MA had a better track record for when they say anything along the line of something being delayed. Don't get me wrong, I understand the impacts that COVID is having on businesses. However, business across the globe have to figure out how to handle their work virtually, and plenty of...
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    AMA video will be delayed

    Don’t worry they will release it in a few weeks. Just look at the Yog situation. Seriously though, kinda disappointed. The rest of the world seems to be able to work with these same restrictions yet MA is really that incapable of figuring it out? Common now... zoom, Skype, Twitch, there are...