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    EntropiaGold's: GoldGrinder - The Ultimate Grinder Event

    This looks amazing! Please may I sign up team: Team Guy On A Buffalo I will act as our team captain
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    Buying: mk2 sight (20% CDI)

    Still looking
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    Selling: Chelydra Male Set - Full Set Tier 5

    You close this thread and keep your armor set you sexy beast you!
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    For the community Takuta mini event

    Wanted to include this to show just how quickly Sincros paid out the winnings. Thank you very much Sincros for the event. You rock man! P.S You also make that mankini look hot :)
  5. Sincros Payout

    Sincros Payout

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    For the community Takuta mini event

    Lady luck had my back here
  7. 4.2k HOF.jpg

    4.2k HOF.jpg

  8. 4.2k hof board.jpg

    4.2k hof board.jpg

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    Selling: Angel (F) armor set with Shadow harness - SOLD

    If you decide to sell parts individually hit me up and I would be interested in the shadow harness. Cheers
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    To LA owners doing HSL events

    There are a lot of ignorant things said on these forums....This is up there on that list. The value of an individuals weapon does not matter and is irrelevant to this conversation. The problem is the way loot is awarded in conjunction to the way the event system is designed (based off MA's...
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    To LA owners doing HSL events

    At the end of the day it comes down to this.... The LA event system was designed for the 'Loot 1.0' system... The loot system has been revamped and this 'Loot 2.0' system reflect cost in --> cost out.... This in turn pennalizes higher eff/dpp weapons, thus makes it less rewarding to hunt on...
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    For the community Takuta mini event

    I've known Sincros for years. He is a freelancer and he is also a stand up guy and has always been true to his word. I have no doubt that there will be no issues when it comes to paying out the respective winner(s) of the event. It's nice to see someone with no real sink in the game extend an...
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    For the community Takuta mini event

    Totally off topic, but well worth it...That video is fucking amazing... It has me rollin everytime I watch it, never gets old!