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    Selling: Calypso Apartment

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    Selling: Calypso Apartment

    edward reply why I posted the deed so people can see where it is just click on the picture to make it bigger I can get close to 2k ped I accept it
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    Selling: Calypso Apartment

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  5. deed


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    Selling: Calypso Apartment

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    Selling: Calypso Apartment

    i decided to put on auction so if your interested plz look there don't put offer through here plz
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    Uber: Brad's First Tower

    Hey guys like to report I got my first tower today as you see in the Pic below I came to rocktropia to hope to get that knew pet robot to spawn had no luck so I had a couple of terra amp 10's on me give it ago this what happen on the second amp after the first one died I got a tower 8736 ped...
  9. Brad's First Tower

    Brad's First Tower

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    a little help with my face :P

    beautician I can help mate add me ingame I see what I can do for you kind regards brads colouring service
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    Help: I need a beautician

    beautician add me for future make over also I always at twins I put them on for free kind regards brads colouring service
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    Help: Looking to fix my steroid body

    beautician hi im brads colouring service I have everything in hair styling unlocked and face and body almost finished a lot to choose from add me in game for that fix today
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    Panther is worth

    Hey guy's I just need some info on my panther since price's go up and down I was just wondering how much my panther is worth if you know exact price let me know Kind regards Brads Colouring Service
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    Info: Active List of Beautician's

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