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    New Skill Set - Flying

    I used to read Oberon's messeges around PA offering a sizable PED reward to anyone who could stand next to him. After searching frantically, I finally found him, but could never stand next to him :(
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    Why is it taking a year and a day to update...

    mine downloaded about the same as Beenox, WHILE I was downloading porn. :popcorn:
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    Noob crafting with looted materials

    I was using the term TT food loosely, referring to those items you get from looting that have a very low markup, ie muscle oil, hides, some wools, etc. I do not, nor have I ever sold anything to the TT (besides ammo, NOT explosive rounds), and I don't think anyone should. They should sell it...
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    Selling: 10k ME @ 180%

    bump to no avail, I just found out that MF is seriously nerfed right now (to the point of not being existent)
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    Noob crafting with looted materials

    a lot of great comments so far, thanks for the tips! +reps all around :D
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    v10.3 Empty Apartement

    hellz yeah, tell em whats up! I'm surprised that MA has not implemented an LOD for all situations, particularly when you teleport into PA or twin. I see a dozen dots on my radar but see no people until they slowly trickle in. Even blobs would be nice, just so I know where people are and can...
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    Help: Makes no sense

    You've gotta understand, EU is dynamic!
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    Where has all the trading gone?

    Hey james! I actually used to sell you gel on a semi regular basis, sad to hear that v10 put you out of business. I actually have a stockpile of gel still from pre v10, cant really do much with it now since its MU is down ~30%. 3-6 months? oi. Patience ftw!
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    Noob crafting with looted materials

    Hello all! I'd like to dabble in crafting to develop a further understanding of this notoriously dynamic world of EU, but I want to primarily use the materials that I get from hunting. Would any of you experienced crafters share some insight as to what I should try crafting at this point...
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    Where has all the trading gone?

    So the sky fell on all the street traders? No wonder I can't find anyone to hustle, they're all under those piles of cloud pixels.
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    hey, just saw one of your posts and noticed you were from Tacoma. I just moved from there down...

    hey, just saw one of your posts and noticed you were from Tacoma. I just moved from there down to vegas. What part do you live in?
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    Question: How many new players actually read the Entropia Forums?

    As soon as I heard about EF I joined up, was probably playing the game for a week or two when I caught wind of EF. Excellent resource for EVERYTHING entropia.
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    Selling: 10k ME @ 180%

    Come on guys, you know you want a ton of ME
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    Where has all the trading gone?

    Hello all! With this major visual upgrade to the EU world came some dramatic geographic changes. After cluelessly asking people how to get to sweat camp among other areas, I feel like I've gotten used to the change. However, one thing I cannot seem to find is where all the street trading went...
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    Selling: 10k ME @ 180%

    bump! :D