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    Toilet Paper Crisis

    Doomed!! If aliens ever decide to take over the planet, we will fight them in the air, we will fight them on the landing grounds, against their laser weapons and their mind control powers... but, if the aliens ever learn of our secret weakness and capture all of our toilet paper, then we are...
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    Selling: <Mindforce harmony,Force merge,Intuition>Electric Attack nanochip IX t7

    Hi Pamascom, private message sent yesterday.
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    Dev Notes #20 - Mission System

    Who knew this months ago? Nice one Trance, that picture says it all. I am curious if this mission announcement is news today to all players, or if MA ensured that their chosen society/societies and buddy avatars all knew of this 6 months ago?
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    Achievement: I R stronk, 500 HP!

    Big Gratz Well done Joda :yay:
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    Selling: WTS Adjusted A-3 Justifier MK. II Tier 4.3

    Hello? Hi Mast3rSh0T, are you not receiving any PMs here or in the game?
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    Hello, again. Hello. :) So after a short break away from EU (about 12 years :laugh: ) I recently found a folder of my old screenshots, which led to visiting the forum and reading threads such as this one, while listening to the videos, and wallowing in so many memories flooding back. A number...
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    Selling: Nemesis armour M full 7 piece

    Nemesis armour set has been sold, thread can be closed, thankyou. :)
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    Selling: Apartments at Sakura

    The apartments have been sold. Thankyou and the thread can be closed now.
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    Selling: Nemesis armour M full 7 piece

    Updated price to TT +1800 for the full 7 piece UL armour.
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    Selling: Apartments at Sakura

    Cheers :yay:
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    Selling: Apartments at Sakura

    Weekend bump.
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    Selling: Nemesis armour M full 7 piece

    Weekend bump.
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    Selling: 5B plates (7 pieces)

    SOLD. :yay:
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    Selling: 5B plates (7 pieces)

    Weekend bump.
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    Selling: Apartments at Sakura

    Thankyou very much Steffel. And yes you are correct, it is a very pretty location. There is some nice mining and fun hunting to be found in the lands just around the apartments, also a nearby lake with nasty bitey fish in it just ready to help with first aid skilling or melee skilling. :D...