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    Australia you still there?

    You didnt get the memo? Mindark took over and now the end of the world is being developed for 2014 or early 2020.
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    FYI: Happy anniversary to all Tamers

    If you say GIRAFFE slowly over and over out load it starts to sound like your saying GULLIBLE basically what MA are telling us.
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    State of the Universe Address 2013

    We only tend to go on about it because of people like yourselves that seem to just say shit to basically wind tamers up and have no meaningful input what so ever. Stop saying crap and you'll stop getting replies to it, it is quite simple... if taming means nothing to you then cease to comment...
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    State of the Universe Address 2013

    Thanks for your support. this message was brought especially to you by the letters F and U
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    State of the Universe Address 2013

    Patient :) There's an understatement, so 2013 it is now... same dribble, i will believe it when i actually see it. Taming had features in the pre-cryo version of taming? that's new to me, changing the name and brushing a pet i wouldn't exactly call features. So a new planet using taming as a...
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    How exactly does exp work in this game?

    well obviously.. you could tank punies the rest of your days but it isn't exactly what he said, he said tank MOST mobs not just tank a few mobs but MOST.
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    How exactly does exp work in this game?

    Yeah but the guy actually said this below... "MOST" "Id be able to tank most stuff and be pretty good at surviving" plus it's boring :) i can tank a shitload of mobs but bores me so i want to continually get the next one that kills me that's why i like the game, if i could tank MOST mobs now...
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    How exactly does exp work in this game?

    You don't need to catch up, it's like golf you play your own game there is no race and you do the things that will improve your game, there is no rush. If you could tank stuff at 1000 - 2000 evade how boring would that be, the enjoyment is on that day when you get attacked by a mob that always...
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    Achievement: 200 HP for Gypsy

    gz there gypsy
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    New player teleporters now?

    Just helping a mate go thru the beginning now and i must say it looks pretty good in this new area and there was 2 new players in there so that was nice to see. Areas: Fortress Invincible & Mount Hephastos Teleports: Camp Icarus and Port Atlantis Marina new Arrival
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    Miggo's Petshop, Twin Mall. 1st floor.

    Sadly pets are still not here. Hi btw :)
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    FYI: Happy anniversary to all Tamers

    Cant give updates on something you obviously aren't even working on or in the slightest bit bothered about. We have a lovely 3rd generation gateway though and nostril hairs and pubes are coming soon in the 3rd avatar update is it? lets see, Cryengine2 was obviously avatar update 1, then we got...
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    Merry Mayhem Update

    Well you made up my mind regarding trying mayhem this year... thanks.
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    Info: LA54 - Gangnam style - I had some fun (trying) to edit a movie

    Stuff like this cracks me up :) good onya
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    Entropia Universe 12.10.1 Release Notes

    I'm not so sure they have to strive, seems to come totally naturally.