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    Uber: 24000 PED into Explosive Projectiles Recycle IV Blueprint (L)

    sounds like u had some fun :wtg::wtg:
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    Uber: 5562 PED - Aurli Weak

    omg omg omg well deserved - congratz mate
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    My real life ATH and revealing myself

    :yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay::yay: supergeil and gratulations from me, sorry i couldnt make it to your party due some RL family business etc. bla anyways hope to see you and your wife during the summer! all the best!
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    Uber: Big Bulk Gen 01 4397 PED

    :eyecrazy: wow gz goood job
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    HP before and after Release 15.15.4

    215 -> 233 :eek:
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    Achievement: 10k Atrox - Bronze challenge

    winnings! :yay:
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    HoF: Back to Back HoF´s on Eomon

    super tina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :laugh::yay:
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    Rare Loot

    gz :) nice drop
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    Seeking an Outstanding mentor.

    dont forget to add your timezone and your online times :)
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    Account Locked - Never do something wrong

    seems like the op used multi accounts + some fishy websites rip AUD :(
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    Achievement: 400k total skills

    sick! :laugh: big grats forgo!
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    Account Locked - Never do something wrong

    btw i never recommended this mytwopecs, never used it and even dont know what it is. also didnt know he was using it!
  13. bye alf

    bye alf

    will miss you
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    Account Locked - Never do something wrong

    Bye Alf, we had some good moments in this game. MA stealing my Mentor Loot again :mad: