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  • yeah. Pig-1 is utterly useless. To give some picture I am at level 43 blp sniper. With my skills I would get average eco of 2.40dmg/pec with Dante (Dante has btw higher eco than Beast) and average damage 28.2dmg/sec. With Beast average damage would fall to 25.2dmg/sec and average eco to 2.38
    Beginners rifle Breer M4a(L) amped with A106 would achieve almost as big average dmg/s (23.5) and have average eco of 2.83dmg/per pec including markup on top of the gun tt..

    Freand Delta.. with my skills eco would suck same way really bad (2.43dmg/pec on average) but damage would be almost twice as high as with Pig-1. If you have hit ability like 6+/10 then eco of Delta should be more reasonable (2.68 dmg/pec for level 60 blp hit/dmg)
    If you are under level 50 or even 40 you should either use BL1000(L)-s+Beast or buy Emik T10 unlimited (which is maxed at low skills and possible to repair).BL1000(L) is common gun and cheap. And eco (markup usually ~125%) with roughly equal damage potential to Delta (44,5)
    Hey Carona, going great! What about you? When are you gonna start playing again? :)
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