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    Please increase ESI drop rate!

    Please stop people chipping out to stay in the selected CAT.. THAT should be your plea ffs... Supply and demand. Cmon man. Drop more ESI so people can select their CAT more.. WTF??!!
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    Weapon Damage Enhancer Prices.

    Wait What? They just made Opals drop more after 18 months of that guy holding us to ransom. And you guys think that that is now the norm? These guys are passing off the increase in Pyrite onto players.. But.. The damn Output amp components are 110% down from 220%. Ok.. Just drop everyone a IMK2...
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    New Forum Opinion

    I like it. I had to come up with a new password even I couldn't remember, but I like it.
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    Something tells me this was sneakily added by the PP in order to even some score. All of the bikini pictures were on the top of the pile and the mankini was underneath and thats how it got rubberstamped. Lets face it. IT IS HIDEOUS!! It makes a bit of a mockery of the game really. Imagine...
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    You're hired!!! Coffee machine is in the hall, and you get extra hour for lunch on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday!!!;););) My point is they should be punished. A ban on all Mayhems for at least a year or two might appease, but doing nothing.. That ain't gonna wash. It seems that the general...
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    Yog Pet Buff Issue

    Then, as this precedent is set, I will fully exploit ANY exploit I come across in the future WITHOUT reporting it as a bug. This is the example MA HAS SET. And THIS will be the defence for any future exploit by me or anyone else. An easy way out now will lead to a much bigger problem down the...
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    Summer Mayhem Update
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    Summer Mayhem Update

    :laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh::laugh: "I never had my pet out"... "OK, so I had my pet out, but ONLY to exploit a different kind of exploit"... Keep diggin' people.. :popcorn::popcorn::popcorn:
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    Summer Mayhem Update

    Oh wow.. Redulite, Dev chips, 100 QR bp's, now Pet buff exploits.... I'm coming down on the side of the game was up, lets try and get out of this. How on earth do they expect us to take this game seriously anymore?? The people who exploited the 100QR BP mostake didn't get punished, and the...
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    Easter Mayhem 2020

    Who the F*** decided that the place you spawn when you die, is so far away from the Exit? Never-mind the cost of the armor I lose trying to get out of the instance, it is soo annoying. It has to be on purpose. No-one could be that incompetent. Fix it.
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    Ancient Greece Shares

    Is this how a release of shares for a territory meeting goes at MA HQ..? "We need money. OK.. Well that Crystal Palace share thing we did a while back seemed to work pretty well. Right lets do that then. OK.. How much do you need? I am thinking about, well the same as Crystal Palace.. Like...
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    Entropia Universe 17.1 Release Notes

    Has a V.U ever left soo many people scratching their heads asking "WTF" Before? Bp's, Damage Enhancers, Efficiency, Stackables, Lootables, Exploits, Amps, Weapon Damage, Boosted Bp's, Extra Missions.. And most of that wasn't in the release notes...
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    Stackable Blueprints From The Technician

    "This bug should really not have happened but maybe is a blessing in disguise. A honeypot for all those opportunistic characters who ought to have no place in anything with a social function. I hope they flush them down the toilet. All of them. (If this follows, I'd be inclined to think it...
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    Weapon Enhancers Changed

    Same with the Bp's.. In a side note.. The efficiency of the weapon doesn't seem to be altered by the damage enhancers either. I think it is a great idea to add the amp to the damage. Also not affecting the Efficiency is good too.. But I feel BOTH are unintended, maybe as the efficiency seems...
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    Stackable Blueprints From The Technician

    Again.. The sentiment is "Let's Profit from this". Maybe they will leave it, in which case you can go anytime. Maybe it is a mistake, which is an exploit. Quite admirable.