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  • Hey Canadian :) Sounds like you took my advice and have made a very thoughtful decision! Love to see that as it is a time requirement. I don't suggest to knew ppl to make the large deposits like we discussed until they get a really good feel for the game, overall economy and the like. Yep, that takes time and there's no quick way to learn it. Gl to ya!!
    And now that I have you as a friend. You can now get my Weekly Happy Friday.... :yay:

    I hope I moved you some what from my PM ;) Just think about it my dear. We are all here with you and for you. :cool:
    Hi Casay

    I've followed your advice, and read through the various tutorials on the site. I've also watched the videos, and I now have a much better feel for EU. In some ways, it reminds me of Everquest, which I played a lot in the early days.

    However, in reading over all the information, I've come to realize that getting the most out of EU would take a fairly substantial time committment (as did EQ, way back when). Looking at my real-world life right now, I have a lot of responsibilities that have to take priority. Getting involved in EU, given the time required, would probably not be a good idea for me at this point.

    Down the road a way, when my life is a little less busy and I have more free time, I may very well check it out again. From everything I've read, and everything you've told me, it does seem like a good place to be.

    Thank you for your help and advice, it's much appreciated! When I do get back onto EU in the future, I'll definitely get in touch.

    Thanks again!
    "Chesty Casay w/Toast & Coffee" killed a......
    Now that HOF/ATH team name would definitely get folks attention! :lol: ;)
    Hey Sweetie ... I know you have major talent, so let's change up the window dressing a bit, eh? ;) HUGZ!!
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