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    Buying: UL Mining Amp lvl 2

    there are 2 for sale
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    i would love to mine elswhere, planet is big , but do your maths , dont come with overmined areas, sure mine the other areas for slighty better tt return , but the same lost, just do your math, not your meth :)
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    "i get 65% returns and still find 0 pyrite" also someone not so famous said this not long ago :)
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    did u also got balanced fom tt profit with the EST thingy?
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    so u telling there is a personal lootpool? and that mu is take in note on tt returns?
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    OLD , and youre not only mining :)
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    yes, its a small sample. last year cycled about 2M. no big amps . no i have no tamazing tt returns from last year (under 90%.) no there is not enough mu .
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    redulite can be take again

    so whats new? same players new bugs. MA aware but wont do nothing. On the mean time the general avatars struglle to minimize losses . So strict with russians, do the same with the thousand dollar exploiters.
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    ATH: 61130 PED Iron stone

    i take my thorofoid helmet off, on that find, gz :D
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    Cannot log in...

    sorry to hear about that mate. Good to see an old name pop up :D
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    FYI: Hego's hunting tracker with noob skills and 2.0 gun

    also correct me if im wrong , but u also craft ep4?
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    Price Check Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted

    both of u guys missed my point :). echo is better on both adj and imp, but time saved its what makes them worth what they worth , at least from my point of view. if u go for decay saves the roi on any of them is terrible.
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    Price Check Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted

    excas adj and imp, are not so much about saving in peds, but in time spent extracting
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    Price Check Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted

    mod is good for only pvp , but not so much echo wise, long term use for a grinder not that smart, that and as far as we know excas decay not coming back same as refiners.