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    Unamped tower still possible?

    u can. friend of mine had one unamped double drop on shinook. No pre amp
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    Buying: WTB Imp FAP

    indeed , still struggling :D free bump
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    Buying: WTB Imp FAP

    damm man . You Where one of the first avas i met ingame , back in 2007-2009 . we even had a oc that kept being disbanded cause it was just the 2 of us . Good memories :)
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    Mining fact

    minng fact: it sucks and its for the poor and ugly peasants :( everyone should stop mining.
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    Selling: some items

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    Space Warp Improvement

    NO. that would only benefict pirates. PVP is optional. unless u make a tp betwen planets avaliable, but then it would kill space travel bussiness.
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    Lyst 7777

    it does to know the multi size
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    Lyst 7777

    gz, what setup?
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    Selling: (SOLD) Courier Touched Body Suit (M). Multi-buff underwear.

    can u equip shub spine on it?
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    Question: What level do you play at?

    -300 peds day level
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    Buying: Genesis Star Earth Excavator ME/02

    pftttt go adj :D
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    Uber: 18762 Ped Lysterium

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    Arkadia mining event!

    C(L)AP C(L)AP