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    Moon auction ended - Congratulations, Akoz!

    Also what caught my eye, why is the Planet calypso related event video posted on the official Entropia Universe channel? :scratch2:
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    Incident at Treasure Island

    A big thumbs up, these news are getting more and more well done! :yay:
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    Question: Wep drop rate nerfed?

    Feffoids tend to drop a lot less items too, no more TB and Soul MkV or Martial, at most a nanochip here and there. January the drop rate on items was awesome, L items dropped even tho they had no MU%, now it's just oils and hides.
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    Question: Should Motherships compensate crew members

    Following your line of logic, without a mothership there's no crew, just saying.
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    Flying vehicles can be attacked by mobs now?

    Vanguards deal damage to flying vehicles with the purple ball aoe attack, the area of damage is rather big so you might've been hit by one of those.
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    Bug or New Feature?

    It's an old feature, you can heal when moving when you turn on "walk" mode. If you walk downhill the game thinks you move faster and you get less heals. Also, walking doesn't always get you full heals so it's still best to stop briefly.
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    Please help, download makes no sense!

    I'm pretty sure the manual for your modem tells exactly how to do it :) Should be from the admin panel
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    Question: Yes or NO? Items in shared loot event mobs.

    +rep, didn't even think about this. Great idea!
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    Time for an upgrade?

    Shogun+2A is great if you're hunting young-old troxies, and don't go for Nemesis if you don't have 5B's, those give better protection for the value, and you can take them off any time.
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    Time for an upgrade?

    Buy 2A and 5B plates, those'll get you far with Shogun.
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    Question: What qualifies an item for the "Rare Item" HoF list?

    It's new system and they'll fine tune it according to the response. Easiest way would be obviously to send the tickets, what you like, what you don't like, they might just change it.
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    Game devs do the Harlem Shake

    I'm going with Conan, don't do Harlem shake.
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    My Personal ATH YaY

    I assume it's about the 3 crits in a row, fun when that happens
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    Discovery: CalyTrek CR Spirit Mk.II TEN Edition

    Massive grats! Definitely a keeper, that gun'll get you far :yay:
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    Hey the real Jon Moe Snow, just want to let you know...

    Also, when you relog you should be able to move through the avatars before the models are loaded :yup: