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    y sweat when u have $$$

    Sweating is a change of pace from time to time and although repetitive it has its moments of fun. Certainly no less exciting than clicking on the craft machine or scanning or even huntig sometimes. The skills are worth more to me then the sweat ultimately, but I do it whenever my ME supply is...
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    Does the economy need another 'event' from MA

    Would another event be nice? Absolutely. Is it needed to stimulate the economy? Only if there will be continued artifical events carefully timed to stimulate over and over again. At some point the economy needs to stand on its own without someone trying to revive it over and over again...
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    Uber: Thought it was a XIII blaus...

    WTG Noodles! Woot woot! I can't think of a more deserving person. Some of that HOF can obviously go towards the purchase of reading glasses :laugh:
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    Stop what your doing or your account will be locked! HELP! :(

    I bet someone (ones?) sent screen shots of people standing scanning for long periods without moving or responding to chat, since they said they had "reports" and not that they actually identified you were doing something wrong. Standing around certainly doesn't mean you were doing anything...
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    Uber: PvP4 Hunting Uber

    Big gratz! The risks and rewards of PVP4 mining summed up nicely.
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    HoF: crafting global

    Gratz! :wtg:
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    Achievement: Crazy Find

    Who said miners don't get cool stuff :) Gratz on the find!
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    Achievement: 3k tezla skins

    Nice! A lot of angry skinless Tezlas running around :D
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    Achievement: Level 20 Biotropian

    Gratz! :wtg:
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    Achievement: 300k Skills

    Awesome achievement! :wtg:
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    Exaro Stalkers

    Gratz! :wtg:
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    Uber: 9887PED Oreamp Chirstmaz

    Wow! nice one :wtg:
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    Uber: Attacker 01

    Wow! very nice loot. I'm very jealous of the unl SK20 :wtg:
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    "Mob Stealers" Do they exist?

    My favorite topic :laugh: I don't agree with the OP's loot theory but more importantly I don't like people interfering with my fun by chasing me around and killing mobs I have already started hunting. It is rude and not appreciated and it seems that most members of the Calypso community share...
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    Achievement: Ethereal Soul Language + 100k skills (listed)

    I'll have to die by you so I can tell you gratz :silly2: Nice job on the unlock and the skills!