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    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger V1 Tier 4.7

    83.8 damage per second with enhancers! Get you some Eomon! (Will trade for AUD's)
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    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger V1 Tier 4.7

    :sniper: Weekly bump.
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    Selling: Adjusted Ravenger V1 Tier 4.7

    Taking offers on my Adjusted Ravenger V1 Tier 4.7. P.M. offers. Item is sold :)
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    Help: Hidden pet buffs on tricks?

    That'd be real nice if they did. It would make pets have a bit of value. Now most pets, even ancient ones, are utterly worthless.
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    Avatar Statue deed sales - mindark sales in general

    Ahh, Thanks :tiphat:
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    Avatar Statue deed sales - mindark sales in general

    Has MA delivered on statues? Is everyone still waiting?
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    I did log in today because...

    I logged in today to keep my account alive and to keep MA off my ass about "Inactivity"
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    I am pis###

    Like the statues :confused:
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    I am pis###

    Looks like MA screwed the pooch once again.
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    Arkadia Moon launched!

    So there's really people willing to go there to get shit loot, discover what doesn't work, and figure out what's fucked up? Strange :scratch2:
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    Entropia Universe wants you to be able to upload your consciousness into its MMO world - PCGamesN

    MindArk, creators of the long-running MMO Entropia Universe, have begun working with AI researchers from several universities on a process for uploading human consciousness to their game. And I thought MA couldn't beat their failure of buying a castle and painting it pink. Congratulations...
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    Selling: Jaguar set (M)

    Set is sold. Mods may now close thread.
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    Ancient pets

    They used to be big. But PVP'ers cried about people being able to hide behind them to TP out. So MA nerfed them. So now there's even more worthless items in game.
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    Selling: Jaguar set (M)

    Monday bump Monday bump