42 going on 17. Labrador in human form.

Playing. Laughing. An occassional drink...
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Chopper McHelicopter
Discovering new ways to smile, and then showing other people.
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Wherever I lay my First Wave Colonist Beret
Many many globals, including some today (problee)


4018ped Feffoid Guard, with Angel Thighs and Full H400
3500ped Atrox birthday HoF, teamed with Tussi
1800ped with Improved Korss H400 from a Feffoid Guard(Team)
1850ped Longu (4-way Team)
1389ped Atrox Old
1028ped Maffoid Guard
769ped Big Bulk (WoF Wales Team)
704ped Falxangius Young (Martial Thighs) (Team of 6)
630ped Cornundacauda Old
606ped Prancer Young !
561ped Falx (Team of 12, with Opalos!)
506ped Phasm
352ped Cornoanterion with full TT Tesla Sword
334ped Malcruentor
296ped Argo Hunter
276ped Atrox Dom
253ped Hogglo Young
200ped Atrax Prowler (Team)
Several Team/Solo Hogg HoFs, bless them
Plus several I forgot to note down...

Silent HoFs :

Eon thighs from a Spider Alpha (Team of 4)
Angel feet from a kindly Warrior
90 ped ESI from an Aurli, teamed
Vumpoor Hollowman from a Malcruentor
Hermes HeadPiece from a Molisk

Still waiting on that ATH...

Chipped back to n00b recently
Next Unlock : Serendipidy (again)