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  • maybe this guy?
    thats just what I could locate on EF. I have seen(over the years) at least 3 EBO's =) to include this guy at the above link
    haha, no sir, twas not me in PVP4... I was in PVP1 yesterday and was smoked both times I visited... Im not geared to be a PK'er :(

    I thought it to be unique enough when I first made my character back in 2003. Since then its popped up rarely.

    Ebo is African for "tuesday born". I chose it after my favorite cat I named EBO (which is short for ebony). RED EBO-ICE JADE, so my name is just a bunch of colors. Red Black-Ice Green.

    I dunno, just rambling on your forum now :D
    Nice 11B, the new owner of "Fox", first born offspring of Skully the Bone-Worm. Anyone who doesn't know what the FCUK I'm on about should read my threads ;)
    Mystery box huh? sounds mysterious, Ill go with that! Thanks for the fun little event, you GloryHounds sure know how to brew up some excitement here and there :)
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