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    MindArk Movie in 2010

    Reject Mindark :))) it's utopia :P FPC it's a dream :( Sorry Marco you are a doll for them and if you dont use us ... you will be reject :(
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    STOP HELPING ME! If you fap me again, I will file support for harassment!

    22 pages :woot: My respect Hawk :tiphat: I sugest your next experiment threat name : "Dont give me gifts, I will fill support to MA ... !" :laugh: and tell me the conclusion after :rofl: Really a bit upset about people who cant read between the lines and take that threat serious :( dont...
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    Second Golden Age Officially Concluded

    phh sorry mate was not for you was for marco :))) i already thx privat + rep about the post with what said this Marco (FPC) ;)
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    Second Golden Age Officially Concluded

    :acid: OMG :( Ecoute, listen :scratch2:(take note :D) look over your shoulder !!! ask near you or maxim go to next room same floor :rolleyes: its no so complicate :scratch2:! (dont even necessary to to descend or climb stairs :mad: ) this game involt money and by the way your income :D Can...
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    Uber: 22329 - Formidon Mature

    Bravo Bulache :) pharse :scratch2: fonetic in romanian it's "farsa"= "hoax" in english and that is the corect sense of what its doing us Mindark :D Tipical exemple of a no depositer who discover the "promised land" :D Keep in mind and learn ;) never deposit and you had a chance
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    Second Golden Age Officially Concluded

    Other exemple of incompetence of Mindark :( That's the explanation given to clients !!!!! My case :( Me and my friend Greuceanu, camp big GOKY almoust 90% of SGA in the only place where they was (melange with big formicida) Proof of that, i take there 8 globals (GOKY) and my friend maybe...
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    Selling: Imp fap and all skills (around 300k skill points)

    Bump for a friend :) And my comments about this :) sorry for the people i maybe wounds :mad: MA you saw us like individuels each with their little expectations and benefits :D but u forget something important ! we had RL relations and maybe we dont help us togheter so much but we can...
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    Please Help I bid 4k

    :duh: words from elders : "great is God's garden and many jump the fence inside"
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    was normal, my friend :) very impressed by your unswer !! hug

    was normal, my friend :) very impressed by your unswer !! hug
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    Please Help I bid 4k

    Who say she keep that part of ped :scratch2: (I'm sure he will receive back his peds ;)) Its a deal betwen 2 people (with a human mistake) and she want to see how react MA of a such support ;) Really I'm much courious for the unswer from MA :D (to see if they care about us like individuals with...
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    ESI Drop Rate

    :rofl: :lolup: :beerchug:
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    First and last :)

    In RL life experience east and west (Europe) with a few (many years) North America, I dont saw :eek: a prove how much can be worse understand ''that shit right to speak'' :mad:
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    Discovery: Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack - SGA

    reading between the lines :D was not made for you :( was for MINDARK ;)
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    Discovery: Improved Omegaton Fast Aid Pack - SGA

    well done :) i really dont understand u ;) (what noob :P) if this second age was made for the players with 3 years and + (he had +) who + spend 23k $ :mad: (i doit myself :ahh:) it is normal (my oppinion) to win something to make him happy with a important value for a all time players ...
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    News: WoF Winners Ceremony '09

    nice :hug:i love people with humor capable to read not only to :smash: Australia was the nicest surprise (my opinion) of that competition but if someone make us .... and i forget Hurrykane last post sorry !!!! Man !!! Thank you for this wonderfull event in EU !!! and hope MA learn from you how...