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    The " New" mining since last VU

    oh yeah ? First time I heard that.
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    Question: How far can a PP reach go ?

    I'm sure all of it was fairly harmless and no godlike repair tool was used, but this is completely unacceptable regardless. Defending it as being ok is madness.
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    Crazy Camera

    +1 - very annoying.
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    Question: Will Treasure island deeds be worth it.

    The market is saturated. I am not sure how anyone thinks there is room for more deeds (shares). I am however excited to see what the new TI will look like.
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    What tt returns to expect and after how many hunts tt return normalize.

    most of us will never see 95% returns. If you are not cycling 100k+ ped a month, forget seeing above 85%. The current loot system is so rigged it is not funny. It is boring, deceptive, and hungry for your ped. Death to loot 2.0 I say.
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    Can we have a Pet Sound Volume Controller

    for the love of all that is Holy - YES PLEASE
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    Price Check ISIS CB26

    I'm gonna say 7-8k, but I am sure someone will pay 60k
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    yes, but the final item acquired with the tokens is tradeable, so what you are saying makes no sense to me. If the items purchased with the rare tokens became avatar bound, (like the token) then what you are saying would make sense to me.
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    It sounds good in theory, but what if you never loot that rare token, which seems entirely based on luck ? That kind of takes the fun out of the grinding. If they were tradeable, the amount of rare tokens entering the economy would be controlled by MA no doubt, so I don't think there would be...
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    Can someone explain to me how making rare tokens tradeable will negatively affect the economy ? If the final item purchased from vendor is tradeable, doesn't that make it just as possible that the item can be resold by resellers regardless ? Is it the resellers that everyone is concerned with ...
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    News: Halloween Mayhem 2021

    make rare tokens tradeable & everyone grinds.
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    News: Known Issues Regarding Visa/Mastercard Payments on

    you purchased something on web shop or deposited through game ?
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    News: Known Issues Regarding Visa/Mastercard Payments on

    Honestly, I gave up trying. It's a shame to hear it is still not fixed. My last support case about it was closed without a response. It does not feel right to me to chase after people to give them my money. If they don't want it, I won't stress over it.
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    Selling: [Halloween Ring 2021]

    normally I am completely against hijacking anyone's sell thread, but this BO price is simply not founded in reality.