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  • hahah får se i framtiden =D är lite till och från och tar mig en titt på liret iaf =D desamma mate!
    Again who cares... I play everday for 1 - 2hours... and for a person with only three friends... It's not surprising for us not to know of each other... It's a big planet...
    ah :) thats fine, I can sit up that long.
    Going to a certain place tomorrow to talk about a possible job.. so need to go up early -_- ouchy, been free for many months.. not the easiest thing to do hehe
    Hey Cindy, my update just crashed halfway through? so now I have to start over, is there a known problem? did you have any trouble? and it is now going slower... what time do you get up in the morning MA time?
    Hey Cindy,

    I just got home and currently downloading vu, have 2 hours left. Will you still be on?
    Cindy, not sure if you noticed but you offered 10.140 ped for a claw stabber instead of 140 ped.... I'm sure you have better things in mind with the 10k peds from your Trooper so I hope you can get hold of the seller and reset this obvious mistake. GL!

    Thanks for the +rep! We're coming up on the 2 year mark for those bank licenses. If any one of them renews, the sig stays, I believe.
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