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    1561 caperon
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    Selling: S> Modified EK-2350 Tier 0.9

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    Summer Mayhem Update

    There was a bug last year where when weapon amp broke it would still give damage bonus. I realized it my first hunt; reported, posted here, and paid very close attention on my hunts to remove it before it broke. Reading posts defending the exlpoiters claiming we should be thanking you after you...
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    Summer Mayhem Update

    Unbelieveable. Reporting it after using it for years; claiming righteousness... just lol...
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    Entropia Universe 17.2 Release Notes

    Looks good to me :) :wtg: just updating; 5min left >_<
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    Omegaton M91 Stalker, Augmented

    Incredible find, grats :)
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    1727PED Dasp

    Got this little beauty earlier. Cleetus:cool:
  8. 1727 dasp

    1727 dasp

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    5k Drone Elite

    gz Rick, nice one :)
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    Info: Cleetus' Hunting/DPS Service

    Another happy customer :cowboy::handgun: add me @Gordan Cleetus Freeman to set up a time for your run! DPS or Hunting Service.
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    1347 scip

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    Info: Cleetus' Hunting/DPS Service

    Online now, busy atm; add for later @Gordan Cleetus Freeman :handgun::handgun: