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    FYI: New tier upgrade formulas thread

    Tier 2 of S.I. hk110 Yesterday I did a tier 2 of my S.I. hk110: Didn't see this gun tier recipe here... so here it is. I don't remember the exact amount of stuff used... I could be off by a few, but sure about what stuff I used: Pile of Garnets: 13? Tier II components: 10? Ganganite ingots...
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    162K Explosive Projectiles With Video (And Giveaways!)

    I never hit anything above a 3 digit hof... So hope to see the same as you did... If that will happen before I get to 10 years in game... that would be this year also! Nice to see that some people get paid eventually. ;) GL on the give away.
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    Swampy's Swunty Adventure

    Nice sweaty log Swampy! You just made me fill in the info to also get into the Sweat Hall of Fame. I'm also working on getting as high as possible in this skill/profession... So maybe I'll try to keep up! My stats were on Entropedia... not in the Hall of Fame thread... Good luck on the race to...
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    Sweat Gatherer Skill Points & Profession Level Hall of Fame

    I didn't do a lot of sweating lately, but because of the "Sweat log" of Swampy... I want to get into this list... :laugh: I updated my skills a few weeks ago on Entropedia, but seems this sweat Hall of Fame isn't looking over there. My skillpoints in Sweat Gathering: 2536 My Proffessional lvl...
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    Sweat gatherer Skill and Level Hall of Fame!

    Want to be on a list... ;) Here's a screenshot of my skills and profession:
  6. 2200 SG skill reached!

    2200 SG skill reached!

    2200 SG skill reached!
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    Achievement: 10k foul - mission done

    Nice to see someone clearing this mission... Still on the 500 myself, couldn't find a nice spot with only young fouls... Gz!!!
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    Wait...what? *Auto triggered skill bonus*

    How is it possible to get this nice "auto triggered skill bonus" when I get CTD with "connection lost" for every 10 to 15 minutes??
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    VU 14.3 Update

    Getting these terrible "lost connection" also, but I think it was more like 10 to 15 minutes. Strange enough, normally when I try to reconnect, it will say that my avatar is already online... blahblahblah... But now it says that the server is down, and if I want to logon, I need to go from the...
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    Achievement: Harbinger Iron Finished !

    Gratz! Nice achievement indeed!
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    HoF: Sumima with some items!

    Very nice items in your loot! Nice screenshot! Gz!
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    Achievement: I'm 10 years old!

    Gratz! Onto the next 10 years! :)
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    Achievement: 10k Argonaut

    Gratz on this achievement! Nice tt return also! Gl on your next mission!
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    Never thought i will post in this section

    Gratz on this damn nice find! Please leave some for us poor noobs... :P
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    Uber: First UL loot/rare ever! - Calytrek CR Spirit Mk1

    Gz Buck on your nice item... GL reaching tier 10! :)