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    Selling: Generic Fuse

    I have a Generic Fuse for sale. Please send a PM with offer if interested. Thank you.
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    Selling: T5 Isis LR59 (L)

    Please add (L) to your thread title. :eyecrazy:
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    Help: Do soc have min. player req. once its accepted to stay alive?

    Only one person (Leader) needs to stay in the society once it has passed the 7 day waiting period. The only way to dissolve a society once it has started is to have the Leader disband the society. The leader of the society is unable to leave their position unless a new leader is elected or the...
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    Constant crash after last patch.

    Luckily I had a backup folder of EU prior to the last few updates. I ran that one instead and it downloaded a mini-setup.exe and the latest patch. Could not get the CL to run the mini-setup patch so closed out CL and manually ran the mini-setup. All works as supposed to now but I would really...
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    Constant crash after last patch.

    Everything was working fine last night. Tried to log in today but had a new patch download first. After the patch I get as far as putting in my gold card number and it appears to start loading but instead will crash. Happens everytime now and I can't get further. I tried rebooting, setting...
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    Can I remove the soc rank from the name displayed on top of my avatar?

    Well with all things PE/EU I guess they are dynamic. I can only say for sure that it was this way at one time. For me to say further I will need to log in and try myself again. I know I have seen other avatars other then myself without rank information below their name, simply the society...
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    Can I remove the soc rank from the name displayed on top of my avatar?

    I am positive. I have seen it in action myself (Being the General of "Caffiene Junkies"). It would also make little sense to have a roster not display rank info but still have it on individual avatars. Keep in mind though that it takes up to 24 hours for the rank information to be removed...
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    Can I remove the soc rank from the name displayed on top of my avatar?

    It won't for you because if I recall correctly cK has never turned on public rank information.
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    Can I remove the soc rank from the name displayed on top of my avatar?

    The only way to remove society rank info from display on avatar is if the General/Leader of the society chooses to uncheck the Make Society Rank Info Public radial button in the society info/options page at the terminal. This will remove society rank info from all avatars within the society...
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    constant 125% return

    As Stryker pointed out, the % return is given after selling all MU items. No one will ever get above 95% base TT return from loot. Edit: ... I should state over 100% tt return as no one truly knows how much MA keeps. That being said, there is no way to magically get more money out then you...
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    The Gladiatorial Battles

    Wooot... thank you very much. I know it didn't get a lot of replies from the community but I think it would end up being something very popular if put together well.
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    The Gladiatorial Battles

    Well now that we have FPC and not just MA... lets try to bump this idea up and see if Hanne can possibly push this great idea under the right persons nose. :P
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    Who is the "Cats Ass" with you?

    Damn if this thread doesn't need a revisit. I just got reminded of it from the move and had a hard long laugh. Who couldn't use one of those? :D Edit: I just also realized this thread has had well over 14 thousand views yet so few replies. lol
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    Price Check on Marber Bravo-Type Plasma Annihilator

    I don't mean to offend but something like this doesn't need a price check thread. The item you are inquiring about is extremely common and traded on a daily basis. A simple look in auction will give you the information you seek and the most up to date market value. You may also find simple...
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    FULL Tiger F

    mmm... Said sold on lower post as of yesterday.