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  • Sorry, you have no idea what are you trying to buy.
    Any of the Omegaton items is worth easily more than 35ped(just an example)
    Copy-paste list of my items on and you'll have an informative value.

    PS:I say it again, please PM if you want to discus something, else I'll chose to ignore you.
    ok keep a look in list now i get off a pair of stuff ...
    45 BP Omegaton 3 items Armor 3 itemsfoul bones button all for 35 ped ..
    PS: next time compile your item list with your market price ...
    Please private message me, if you want to buy something please make a decent offer.
    Your offer is not!(rifle chip alone cost more than 100 ped!)
    I'm not going to waste my time with offers like this.
    little bit space to build message Electropositive Communication BP
    Electropositive Connector BP
    Electropositive Modulator BP
    Electropositive Processor BP
    Elkarr Precision Scope BP 0.01 PED
    Flexur Precision Scope BP
    Foul Bone Buttons 20 1.80 PED
    Gnome Face Mask (M) 3.94 PED
    Gnome Foot Guards (M) 3.80 PED
    Grender Precision Scope BP
    Hardened Clips Blueprint
    Hardened Pipe Blueprint
    High Performance Vents BP
    Hunter Foot Guards (M) 3.07 PED
    Jester D-2 BP 0.01 PED
    Jester D-3 BP
    Karma Killer BP 0.01
    LifeScanner-I BP 0.01 PED
    686 LifeScanner-II BP 0.01
    Mann MPH DLxEFi BP 0.01 PED
    743 Mann MPH DLxEFi BP 0.01 PED Nicole Ladies Handbag (C) (842)
    744 Mann MPH DLxEGrd BP
    Make Up Mask (L) -Large BP(L
    Abrer Laser Sight BP
    Basic Nuts BP 1 0.01 PE
    Basic Power System BP
    Basic Processor BP
    Basic Pump BP 0.01 PED
    Basic Skin Color Set 1.21 PE
    Basic Wires BP 0.01 P
    Beacin Laser Sight BP
    Bjornir Precision Scope BP
    Castar Laser Sight BP
    Cinclar Precision Scope BP
    Dacascos Precision Scope BP
    Durable Compressor BP
    Durable Coil BP
    Durable Damper BP
    Durable Hood BP
    Durable Motor BP
    Durable Structure BP
    Sorry this prices are very low, I wont sell a skill just to be gone, I know market is down atm but I prefer to let them on my avatar than waste them for few peds.
    Soory, Hi, I want buying all rifle skills, but I agree buying this skills only 950 % with yours ESI and its a deal
    Hi, I want buying all rifle skills, but I agree buying thonly 950 % with yours ESI and its a deal
    La Multi Ani!
    Just send you a PM on Exceptional Robot Hyper Charger - if you still buying
    You accidentally gave me a +rep ;)
    But seriously, I did not start the sarcasm, as my quote clearly shows. So if you want to take that personal, please blame yourself.
    gratz pt replay de la noi :p raule =)), ms totusi dar nu imi place sa stau in trecut cu hoh si glob :), bafta multa :p
    ok oks am sa compun o formula nu asa harsh ,, dar nu stiu , parca prea m-a aprins fanteziile hurikanului .
    -oricum nici nu ma gandeam sa transfer ce se vorbeste pe forumul nostru-
    sant eugen
    poti sa zici ce vrei tu, atata vreme cat nu vorbesti lucruri care sunt spuse pe forumul nostru privat si care is puse acolo sa le stie doar romanii.
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