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    Game Keeps Crashing Trying To Load Blueprint Storage Area

    me too, so I filed a support case Crashes everytime so I filed a support case because I had ongoing issues with a couple books so I thought MA should know about. This is what I filed: This the main section I wrote in the support case. I hope they figure this out soon.
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    Mindark treating players differently (auction mistake, the following)

    my mistake, deleted what I posted. I had some names confused
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    0 Sucess with high skills

    In reference to the OP In that Pharmacy you got going in your inventory. Are any of those pills your Heart medication? Go Green. I guarantee a more harmonious outcome. amen :cool:
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    Question: Petition for boost pills

    I popped so many pills I am hiding from the family behind trees. I need serious help, got the shakes now. "SIGN" Amen Cool Breeze Blackheart
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    Info: Clarification regarding Teleporter fee

    Possible TP again to FOMA or CP, even better... Big Fee for us big spenders to other Planets. I'm Game. Just a thought. Amen :cool:
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    Server Downtime for Release

    Beer Trucks
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    Serve court papers - via Facebook - The Straits Times

    Anyone check Pvp4. I heard something about a new Death Bug? I will hire a screen play ghost writer and start making popcorn. This is gonna make a good movie. Better than Lost in Space. :eyecrazy:
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    Calypso Forums is the Cure ...

    Now I'm reminiscing, Stop it
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    Calypso Forums is the Cure ...

    Old Thread. I moved on to the 2015 "ANNUAL" report. I will let you know what I think about that. Stay tuned. More "DOOMSDAY" to come. P.S. You go ahead and keep drinking their KoolAid.
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    Switzerland referendum / Vote for basic income

    Wrong Thread, sorry
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    Question: Bug in this new 'Feedback' feature of PCF?

    I have this same problem with a post I have been wanting to edit for almost a year now. The Edit function is missing on mine also. I did edit it once before and I was wondering if there is some edit once and no more deal going on. I sure would like to know because links change for certain things...
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    ComPet Development Update

    My Questions are... 1) Are those participating in the "Closed" Beta Testing playing it for free so they do not lose to the issues which may popup during the testing period? OR Is MA going to offer Deed owners a chance to invest in pet upgrades during the testing period "just to peeve you off"...
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    Do you like all of the polls recently?

    I like the Polls. They saved Europe back in the 16th Century. I did meet a few in my travels that I thought might jump me in the back alleys in Hamtramck after a hard night when I was a misguided youth. AMEN:cool:
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    Calypso Forums is the Cure ...

    I must apologize. I was tired and just wanted to Post Script quickly. It is an Annual, but it does show some disturbing information that MA is on a downslide since the economy bubble burst. I saw another thread posted where they got quite involved in mashing the numbers from the English and...
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    Approved (shared) alts?

    All I was asking, because ppl are using Alt. AVs, was that what they might be using to game the system ? Never intended to use some piece of crap like that... JACKASS If I misunderstood your "Idiot" I apologize but it appeared you were referring to me.