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    News: Version Update 17.5.0 Sneak Peek

    thanks i feel good im still playing this game
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    Defnally not easy

    Defnally not easy
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    Discussion with MindArk about the current direction of Entropia Universe

    now do u still prefer details on development??? ? p.s. this guy is formidable, i cant just stop laughing
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    Discussion with MindArk about the current direction of Entropia Universe

    bla bla want more details about developent so u can exploit them and gain advantage over the others blah blah blah guys maybe u dont know it and unwillingly im forced now to show you all this shoking video with one of the previous ceo of mindark....... dont blame me if after watching this u...
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    Discussion with MindArk about the current direction of Entropia Universe

    i liked the video a lot I liked to know they are spending our money in new employees i liked to know they want to make big improvement and to keep the core concept of the game as it is. i dont think enrick was talking about his age, instead i think they all was trying to remember us that...
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    Question: Webshop down?

    i got same issue, bad code, not worried, maybe instead of hunting this month ill just buy some peds from transfer center and buy myself a gear upgrade or an item to invest in
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    Toulan and Monria - A New Beginning

    this is not how ant operates, he doesnt like speculators. if i know him well enought im pretty sure that he will support active playing profiting by balancing loot and adding shops and creating a wellmade storyline that will allow players to gradually discovers all the new things while making...
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    Buying: High Level Armor

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    Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia

    mere speculation dude, rocktopia suits well the profile. So far rocktopia is the last planet player know about, and its painted like a vacation area inside the universe, because the big money interest are into other areas. only a very little bunch of people were able to stay in rocktopia and fit...
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    Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia

    Rocktopia is an amazing planet, its unique in many ways wich is a good thing for the dudes that gets bored and need to change air withing the universe. Many dont like it just because of the owner and of his previous history with asteroid. But that is mostly envy because the planet is developed...
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    Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia

    i did invested in Ma crypto project tho but i got full 100% refund when they didnt manage to complete it, cant say the same about ND, but probably the fact he intend to share rocktopia with the token holder in order to make ma agree sharing rocktopia may convince them to let him do such. At...
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    Concerns for the Future of Planet Rocktropia

    im concerned about that but also im concerned about the lootable tokens ingame tied to crypto and how that will somehow affect the shares. This said according to my experience, a share sale of rocktopia will only damage cld and cp shares a bit, not that much tho to make a problem of it. I mean...
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    Buying: High Level Armor

    please pm me the armor type u have, the tier of its pieces and the price, thank you
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    How MindArk failed "Project Entropia"

    edit:i changed my mind on some points but i need time to reformulate everything
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    Hego's ARMOR rental service

    i stand with legend and i think this is a great service idea, i mean even limited a full set of perseus or a full set of supremacy is still big money compared to newbie, viceroy users. This service can allow users to try bigger with limited risk, how many times i bought limited set for a...