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    Amsterdam 2018 meetup 31/08 - 02/09

    Hey, Plenty of Marijuana there.
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    MindArk's Upcoming Blockchain Project

    AS stated on my last post Seems people dont like changes, that sucks. skeptcism can slow progress everywhere.
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    Blockchainization, a new revolution.... Seems MA is going through this path.... For the skeptics that say changes are not welcome...
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    Blockchainization, a new revolution....

    Interesting link....
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    Performance Update

    "The engineering team". Im scared.
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    Entropia Universe 15.15.4 Release Notes

    What about they fix the neteller deposits???? Its more than 5 months and they didnt fixed that. Pathetic!!!!
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    Please Mindark re-enable Neteller deposits (disabled)

    5 months ago, Neteller deposits was disabled because of some API problem. So, wanna know if there is any update on it?
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    Disturbance notice, Server maintenance 11-13/08

    Let me explain: I live in Brazil and there is only 2 method available for me, Neteller and paypal. All my money is in neteller account and i cant transfer to my bank because TAX ARE HUGE here. i would lose 1/3 of all my money doing that, and i cant transfer to paypal via neteller for example.
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    Disturbance notice, Server maintenance 11-13/08

    No neteller deposits. Meanwhile, 3 months that i cant depo because Neteller deposits are bugged. Sad and seems MA dont care about it.
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    EBN: Eomon Migration Expected Within Days!

    I cant hunt, still Neteller disabled :(
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    Neteller still bugged for deposits

    Hi, Long time we dont have a answer about that: "2017-05-04 14:27 Entropia Universe Support: Hi CrazyWolf, Thank you for contacting us. Neteller has recently changed their API integration endpoints. This change causes Neteller payments to Entropia Universe to fail. We are working on an...
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    Entropia Universe 15.14.0 Release Notes

    I have a large sum of money to be deposited via NETELLER, and still Neteller is bugged, cant depo. Its sad how MA doesnt like money. They didnt fixed the NETELLER issue yet. :(
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    The Battle Simulator will be temporarily disabled until coming VU

    Finally they will fix Neteller deposits :)
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    Server Downtime for Maintenance

    How about you guys fix the neteller deposit? One week that we dont have news about that, people need to deposit to play your game.
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    Help: Client takes all RAM available

    All my problems was solved when i installed Windows 10.