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    PA: You are running low on memory - no I'm not!!!

    Oh really. What program is that?
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    Oberon's Mo's Perch VIDEO

    Oh wow. Thats nice! I do belive you just owned MindArk/FPC. Ninjas <3
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    Server Down For Release

    Wait, wait what? The beverages finally arrived??! .... ... Oh I see, minor update... *goes back to deep sleep*
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    Are you an Old Player but not super active?

    6 years + now.. And im still waiting for those beverages :( It feels like its the same old game as back in 2004, but with better graphics and new planets.. oh yeah, and missions.....
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    Info: MA & Swedish people thank Neverdie for Rocktropia

    lol, "Tack för att du betalat din TV avgift." English: "Thank you for paying your TV fee"
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    Flying over Hades

    Made a small video when I successfully took of from Cape Corinth. Music: Akino Arai - Natsukashii Umi Hope you like the view :) xJDQ-Lz_C9c
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    Oberon Flying @100% Success Rate

    It seems that its easier to take of while having higher FPS / lower settings, or is it just me?
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    How many bombs to Rich(es)

    1342. Good luck! :)
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    The Mindforce powers of the future

    Cloaking Chip Turns the skin into the surrounding texture. Maybe even slightly transparent. - Will be a must-to-have in PVP matches/events. Remote Viewing (Mind Travel) Chip Enables you to spectate places without actually be there. - See whats behind hills and mountains. Spy on an area...
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    3D Pictures from VU 10!

    I think its something wrong with my eyes. Sometimes i see the thumbs 3D without glasses at a distance :eek: Its acually kinda cool :)
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    New Nvidia Drivers

    I asked support before and they replied, look at post 29. So it seems that the problem is with the drivers, and MA is waiting for Nvidia to fix it. I also sent an email to Nvidia about this, but i think it might take a while.. :(
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    New Nvidia Drivers

    I had the BSOD problem before, but now it works pretty good with the right settings, seems that someone did something.. If I am using too high settings, nv4_disp.dll crashes and I have to restart the computer, but no BSOD. I am currently using latest graphics driver 195.62 with 8800GT.
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    New Nvidia Drivers

    I still get BSOD after like 5 - 10 min ingame with latest drivers.. I sent a Support Message to FPC and got this reply: Translated to english:
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    Secret picture from server park

    Haha, loot server :laugh:
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    Help: WTF? Take a guess and win 1000 EFD.

    Unique Red Atrox Egg? :tapfinger