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    Buying: Maddox 4 adj. / EWE EP-41 Military adj. or similar

    Hi, i'm looking to buy a new Gun. If you want to sell one that I might be interested in, please send me pm with current Tier & Price. Thanks Cross
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    Just 1 GLOBAL can do it! WIN: CLDs, EASTER 2021, PEDs

    Mantus Crosskeeper Wolfenmond I'll take #4
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    Entropiafund Events: Jackpot, Amazing items in Prizes (Join Here)

    Please register: Mantus Crosskeeper Wolfenmond
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    Selling: Angel (M/UL) Full Set ; Tier 2.2 - 3.5

    :bump: for a great Armor
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    Selling: Angel (M/UL) Full Set ; Tier 2.2 - 3.5

    Hi, I'm Selling a Full Set Angel (M) . Angel Harness: Tier 3.5 Angel Helmet: Tier 2.5 Angel Gloves: Tier 2.2 Angel Arm Guards: Tier 2.6 Angel Thigh Guards Tier 2.8 Angel Shin Guards Tier 2.2 Angel Foot Guards Tier 2.5 SOLD Auction ends 1 week after SB is met. Action ended - SOLD for BO
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    Selling: Emik X5 , Imp Evil, Adj Hedoc Mayhem, Angel(M) & FF ARR 8000M

    :bump: :bump: Prices adjusted & IMP Evil is sold!