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    CrouchingTiger Gets a Mother-ship from MA

    Thanks for pointing it out updated now, was from when I used to be.
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    CrouchingTiger Gets a Mother-ship from MA

    Now how you like that sh*t :D
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    EMW join warrants

    he always wanted to be with the best and he finally got there, nothings changed though still same old EMW rollin the streets :D
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    FYI: Popeye's (UL) Sleipner color-scammed! Stolen by someone impersonating colorer

    Sorry to hear this Pops, I hope that fucking wan**** monitor blows up in his motherfu***** face.
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    Selling: Skills

    bump :wtg:
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    Selling: Skills

    when I put up the skill sale I also put info saying i just might sell the whole ava including login for the right price ( that's what is against the so called eula)
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    Selling: Skills

    go suck walter timkrans di** ;) If we could now stay on topic please thx
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    Selling: Skills

    Hi Selling following skills, You will need to provide esi and I will pull skills out for you. I reserve the right to what ever the fu** I want, please don't tell me about eula and what Mindark wants and not as i could not give a flying fu**. Good day :D Currently on chip Prospecting skill...
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    Become a rock star!

    This Thread is just LOL :laugh:
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    New Mining Amps

    Thanks for info guys appreciated
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    Uber: over 3k Plastic Springs I

    I saw these ingame Big GZ :wtg:
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    WildD3amons Recruiting at all levels

    OverDue El Tigre Bump :wtg:
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    New Mining Amps

    Hi Guys here is a list of the new amps and their names Old OA-101 light = Level 2 Finder Amplifier Light Old OA-101 = Level 2 Finder Amplifier Old OA-102 = Level 3 Finder Amplifier Old OA-103 = Level 5 Finder Amplifier Old OA-104 = Level 7 Finder Amplifier Old OA-105 = Level 8 Finder Amplifier...
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    For the tech geek!!

    Definately android for me. Love my xperia arc :-P
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    Selling: Unlimited Thruster

    Hey Pauhe how you doing bro :laugh: