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    upsss XXIII

    good going gratz on your discovery awesome enjoy your eu experience:wtg::wtg::wtg::tower:
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    Uber: 24k kreltin

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    Uber: Oily formicacida

    :wtg::wtg:gratz jimmy:wtg::wtg::handgun::tux:
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    Nice day.

    way to go :wtg:
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    Achievement: 6 years on..

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    Uber: Bug Busting!

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    ATH: 79k oa104 :D

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    My Kung-Fu rocks too... ;)

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    Uber: 2237 PED SnarkSnot Dominant

    gratz on that :eek:snotty
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    China cracks down on virtual cash

    i sure hope the politicians in china stop using crack it can bring you down:wise::smoke:
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    Uber: Silent Osseocollum

    :wtg::D gz:wtg::wtg:
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    Something i´d like to share

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    OIL Rig script

    a mental greedy little bot worm BAN ALL BOTS
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    START SMART - Making the most of your PED

    i think a player should deposit around 200000 USD to 4000000 USD. 1)deposit a large amount the first time 2)DONT SWEAT 3)buy a uber gun unlimted sib 4)buy a mod fap 5)buy a store 6)buy a bank 7)buy a LA 8)buy a planet Get a good mentor like me... if you have over 200 000 USD :thumbup:
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    Playing less and less...

    I have personally profited over 10000 usd and only in a year in half i always make money and i think your are a bunch of:whiner:and you need to be:spank: ed.I have made consistent profit on everything I Have done. I sweat 24 hrs a day and sell my sweat where i either hunt or mine for fantastic...