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  • Not much luck yet :( but let's hope a good period will come soon :)

    About 700 ped minus in about 2k bombs dropped, some of them amped with oa101, but I did also a trip to CND for a soc hunt and lost about 300+ peds there :cry:

    Dude, sry to hear about your internet connection problems :(

    Why did you moved? Isn't living in a 1x1 room with and able to play EU better then living in a huge apartment with no EU? :scratch2:
    I took a break from aliens and hunting in general for a while. I switched to mining because I want to raise total number of skills and gain a few HP points.

    In a month or so, when I'll be bored to death from mining I'll go back to CP. In the meantime I supplied myself with a tone of films to have something to do while dropping bombs in EU :lol:
    An now some cheering:
    :cheer: Cyco is the best Mayham hunter :cheer:

    :cheer: Gooooooooo..... :cheer: Cyco :cheer:

    Now stop reading stupid profile messages and go kill some mobs and win that LA :handgun:
    I'm at home... enjoying a few days off from work, EU... everything.

    GL with your quest for the LA bro, just try to keep some peds aside for when I return from holidays. I really enjoy hunting with you and Borr on CP.
    Ho Ho Ho!!! :xmas:

    Merry Christmas form a tinny alien killer :D

    What's up bro? Any hunting while I am on holiday?
    thanks i got one guy to do it for me but wasnt that good so did the wording myself to look how its meant to. appreciated
    Zoals ik later al uitleg, ik kocht het ding voor +63k. En aangezien de TT op zo'n ding wat hoger is dan standaard, was de totaalprijs rond de 70k. Dat is toch een niet te verwaarlozen verschil... :D

    Hoe dan ook, thx for the rep!
    Here's a :beerchug:, just in case you get bored at work.

    If not, please ignore it so you can be focused on your work and I will drink both glasses of beer. It will be hard, trust me, :rolleyes: but I'm ready for such sacrifice. :ninja:
    I R bored and I R out of EF posts :(

    I'm gonna go buy some cigs, forgot mine home.

    Do you know anything interesting to do at work while I'm bored?
    All I did today was getting late to work, EF, went to lunch then some more EF :laugh: Hopefully I'll do some programming by the end of the day.

    How were your driving lessons btw?

    4.30 hours left for me plus the trip home, then I'll put some more alien blood on my armor... mhuaaaa :vampire:

    I just remember a great saying: The game is not over until the fat(turkish) lady sings :D

    Does it rings any bells?
    ou you cant receive any more PMs ..
    I am going to log in now - I am in Emerald Lakes Mall, Level 2, Auction Hall ;)
    She singlehandedly has almost made me turn lesbo, but of course, there's only one of her. UGH!
    Thanks for the comments and rep mate.

    The profile is all Onciest's artwork, I just slapped it all in there :D Seeya
    Sweet Thanks, Cyco for awarding the SocWebsites List. Makes me wanting to do it again for 2009 ;)

    lol You know what I think?? It's a MA Jedi mind trick! It always seems the market takes a dive when I am ready to sell. hehe
    ye somehow those threads do seem to be useless, and offen turns into him beeing offensive to those who answers in them which sucks. I guess he hold the current rank of "Biggest ass on the EF" atm. ^^
    Anytime friend. :) And indeed, i totaly agree, even if i do many useless posts/threads when im drunk, doing racistic posts is just plain BS. I would tbh feel happy if he got banned if he did that again, or anything alike it.
    pewpew.. ^^ dont worry, i -rep snabble for you there. im fine with people saying whatever, but there is a line people can cross even for me. :p
    Oh lol nah I'm not really trying for high activity rating, it just kind of gets there.... I think it should be removed altogether :D
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