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    Server Downtime for Maintenance and Mayhem related issues

    U are playing last years mission then.
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    Summer Mayhem 2019

    Ok what u can do, when u are dead, but actually at the revival, equip long range tagger and shoot 1 mob it will run over to the revival and kill u again then u revive normally.
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    Chomper STALKERS - LA47 - North of Oshiri Heart

    Awesome. Whats the Tax like? event planned?
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    New PCF mod

    Wise words.
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    The Mul are Awakening

    New missions?
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    Spider Elites are a pile of poo

    I’ve lost items to fappers with less then 0.5% share. lost a 600 ped ESI to a noob on a shared mob with just 3 shooters, noob did les then 5% of damage the other 2 95%. rolls both ways
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    Question: Custom chat channels "autoleave" people

    I lose every channel im subscribed to upon every relog. rejoining does keep its previous color coding though^^
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    Achievement: My first Mayhem was a success!

    Gratz, very nice achievement!
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    Selling: Adjusted EWE EP-41 Military T8.5

    Selling my adj ep-41 t8.5 Quick sell price. BO +4k
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    Selling: Blueprint storage cleanout

    175 ped 2short
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    Selling: CDF XTLC 600 Tier 9

    cat5 defense?
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    Looter Professions, facts & toughts

    Perception ive tested for all 3. all 3 are effected by 9% went up 0.1490 level for 165.552 gain in percp ruled out Diag Ath Conc Cbr Coolnes
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    This is the only token that i see that actually has a trading volume listed in their roadmap :eyecrazy::eyecrazy::eyecrazy: On the otherhand if 50% of peoples monies goes to development of the IP and Entropia, im more then happy for people to buy it :D
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    Selling: EASTER MAYHEM Category 3 Winner!! Adj Maddox IV Tier 8

    Free bump, and god. Even after all these years Helena still makes uninformed and baseless accusations. Somethings just dont change:scratch2: