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    Skill Trade Terminal (?)

    Make ESI available in TT....remove it from loot... Imagine the possibilities?
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    Entropiafund Events: Jackpot, Amazing items in Prizes (Join Here)

    Sign me up! Kristijan Desire Carnage
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    Question: What do you think of current state of the game?

    If game would give you more mu% how can game live? Hoarding is the key.....if you are desperate enough, most key materials like ignisium,putty,pyrite,garcen have chunk bit of upside downs when mayhems come.....that includes most crafting components especialy used for crafting guns and...
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    where to find dunkel plastix

    On average i hit tridenite every 1500-2000 drops, dunkel is probably twice harder to find, you dont need depth for dunkel, just luck and unamped probing, try area arround camp Icarus or central amathera, But waste of time if you ask me
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    Question: Should botting/ automated hunting be allowed?

    Its funy how most ''bots'' wont even reply to this thread becouse they just keep shooting in silence, and this idea about more pvp lootable areas is such joke...adding more of those would result in more harm to classic retail fresh players, explorers and people who encounter such jacked up...
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    Info: New exploit: pirate can fly next to you in invisible mode

    I dont have a clue about warping....but is it possible to warp short distance? Like tp chip in pvp to jump next to you and strike you down, especialy if he saw direction you headed....or perhaps simply graphics fail?
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    Selling: Mining Gear items

    in the name ;)
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    Price Check Eon Foot Guards (M)

    Find yourself in the middle, close the deal @ 7.500 flat... You get to complete set that is in range of 30-35k for sure, and owner gets payed decent for a last piece
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    Selling: Mining Gear items

    That F106 t9 for 3.5k needs edit Awesome gear! Free bump
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    Big mistakes with a happy ending

    When i saw it i was like: is there a hidden camera somewhere :D 2 years ago i traded x2 CLD's to a random person whose avatar was next to avatar i was trading with....when i realised what i did i started sweating hard and panic Lucky for me guy traded them back without hesitation so i learned...
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    Price Check ArMatrix SB-10, TWEN Edition... Price check please

    Agreed...35k for clean dagger is what you aim for and not a dime less, dont get distracted or scammed by ''couple k'' comments
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    HoF: First ever tower.

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    Twen finders

    And the only way of obitaining such gear is with tokens/points you can get with mining only.....
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    Question: Why aren't more people Mining?

    Simple solution to all above: enable 15% standard reload to work on excavator, also enable pill reload like hyper 10% to max reload on excavator....aditional move speed would help a lot and this is most simple way of making excavating easier. This could be patched by next tuesday!