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    Question: Why aren't more people Mining?

    Simple solution to all above: enable 15% standard reload to work on excavator, also enable pill reload like hyper 10% to max reload on excavator....aditional move speed would help a lot and this is most simple way of making excavating easier. This could be patched by next tuesday!
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    Interested in veteran opinions

    After so much hassle LP-40 owners will probably ask 700.000 for it...🤣🤯
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    Interested in veteran opinions

    Competitive or ''meta gaming" armor as you can, summer/xmas 2020 combo, big fck sword with trauma 4-5 (or couple other endgame options) with mod resto as optional and run that setup until better one is not available
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    Interested in veteran opinions

    Miner= improved excavator,adjusted chikara refiner- 25k ped invest+ (optional unlimited amp level 3 best option for 30-35k ped) total 60k invest, 40k use to cycle....pros-easy sustainable/profitable, relly not much space for error Build some decent hp in begining and increase your ped card...
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    Looking for a Portuguese helper

    Maybe one of those 2 can aid you Leonis Leo Nis Mos Craciun Exista Gl
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    Selling: Carnage's Endgame & miscellaneous selling thread!

    Added some new and rare stuff!