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    How the planet Calypso "fucked" the planets of partners and players. Report on the Christmas box.

    As far as i know, all mayhem instance are not global but a calyspo event. Just having a look at the CLD payouts proves it.
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    Wrong stats on gun?

    Lets call it the mad glamber. Win big or come back naked. 😁
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    Let Get Real Clear on Cheaters/Botters and How to Fight Them

    Looks like 99% of top level players are using the same thing, this is not good. This is game breaking. Reset attributes or make this bot available for everyone.
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    Help: Returning Player weapon advice..

    you have to set a goal. What level of creatures are you aiming for? Do you have a mission in mind (sorry for boring codex lol ) You can kill mobs very quick if it has 100hp and you have a 50dps weapon.
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    Help: Returning Player weapon advice..

    Welcome back :) Many differents choices possible but it very depends on what you want to hunt... ! If u want to kill mobs very quick, you need the biggest dps you can get. lvl 18 doesn't open very high dps unless u go for a lvl 100 no req weapon. gl skilling
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    Selling: Time/Lease on my BP-70 Perfected in Exchange for Tiering Costs

    Disclaimer: I'm not a math genius and these numbers are estimates. Specific savings will be marginally variable from examples above. Perfect end for this wall of text :D
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    Selling: Book of Apocalypse

    +400 bid from me
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    Prototype Regeneration Field Chip

    Just an other scam 😁
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    Prototype Regeneration Field Chip

    Typical ma things, you get to use when you are a big spender. Happened before and will always be. Like special access to items and referal systems.
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    Entropia Universe 16.5.0 Release Notes

    looks like its fine after rebooting thanks
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    congratulations to messi

    Always has been the case with this game over the years. Some people has more conexions. Look how he showed he had a referral link somewhere in an other thread. Now try to get one for yourself. It is pyramidal scheme, classical.
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    World's top#1 Most geared avatar

    How did you get a referral link?
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    I did log in today because...

    I do to log in because I like virtual worlds. Although, much of it has been explored, I still like it. Who knows someday some clunky meteors might crash into some planets and change the future. I really miss the old role playing colonists model but I guess we are in industrialist Era. I do log...
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    EU Magazines & Newspapers

    Can read the gate with old pe music(found on youtube) for a good blast from the past 😉
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    Entropia Universe 16.0.3 Release Notes

    It doesn't work in cursor mode. But rebkean said earlier it is left click now but I have not tried it yet. Hunting with cursor mode and mostly with mouse was changed with this update. It is not as easy or intuitive like pre update.