Daisy ColdFinger was from 2008 to 2012 one of the most notoriously prolific and famously sponsored PK'ers Entropia Universe. I was part of the notorious PK society ROCK STARS lead by Force and connected to NEVERDIE.
Daisy is officially a Legend as she no longer exists. I terminated my account with MA in late 2022 before starting over from scratch again as Cyph3R IIIIIII DistrO

Why do this write up ? Because Daisy has a long and controversial history in EU i think it is only fair that people who meet me now as Cyph3R DistrO know who i used to play as, just in case it matters to them.

To quash some rumors.

1. Did i close my account officially or did i get banned ?
I CHOSE to have my account officially closed, here is the proof : https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...account-closure-inaction.288804/#post-3832239 & Wayback link
2. Why delete an avatar with such a long rich history in EU ? Daisy was built for role play ! When you log in as Daisy, you become Daisy, attitude and all. So in order to play a normal game i had to let her go !
3. Association with Planet Partners, Unique Items and Sponsorship ? Yes, yes and yes.

Quick overview of Daisy's long illustrious history in EU.
a Quick "Daisy ColdFinger" google or PCF search will reveal many more individual treads and posts by most angry players and some admirers.
Daisy's long, rich history in Entropia ( links )
Famous Entropians ( Wayback ) - Noted as one of Entropia's most famous. Note 2 other famous entropians on the same list are there only because of Daisy.
Entropia Times Interview - Daisy was interviewed for Entropia Times by Lykke, page 10
Most Accumulated PK loot - PK and Pirating loot in excess of 30K during her reign.
ROCK STARS - Part of the infamous society lead by the legendary Force Majuere
Sponsored to PK - All 4 ROCK STARS members were sponsored to PK
The First to Pirate - Myself and the ROCK STARS were the first pirates in EU
Epic Society Recruitment Threads 1 & 2 - Very entertaining and in full character mode.

YouTube - Bad graphics but super fun to watch, especially the Ashi and Akmuul lootable pvp videos in particular were quite fun.

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