RIP Daisy ColdFinger 2008 - 2022

Daisy ColdFinger
I previously played as the notorious ROCK STAR Daisy ColdFinger from 2008 to 2022 most famously known for being a prolific and somewhat relentless sponsored Lootable and Regular PVP PK'er and later as EU's first Pirate when Space was introduced. Daisy was part of the small tight knit notorious PK society ROCK STARS ( Rock : Rocktropia and Stars as in Fame ) lead by the one and only Force Majeure. Our job was to PK anywhere and everywhere and nothing else.

Being close to Force and a Planet Partner meant many rumours about this mysterious sponsored new character setting the pvp scene alight began to spread including that Daisy was actually Neverdie alt to owning super rare unique gear some of which were true and others not so much. Long story short, Daisy served her purpose, were all older now with less time for role play and it was time to let her go. So in 2022 the mystery that was Daisy ColdFinger came to an end as we requested she be officially terminated. Here is the proof : https://www.planetcalypsoforum.com/...account-closure-inaction.288804/#post-3832239 & Wayback link )


Quick overview of Daisy's long illustrious history in EU and being a ROCK STAR member.

Daisy's long, rich history in Entropia ( links )
Famous Entropians ( Wayback ) - Noted as one of Entropia's most famous.
Note Being a proudly prolific PK'er first and later EU's first Pirate at the time the Salty creators of these most famous list could not ignore Daisy's pk manaia and affect on EU. So they included Daisy but in the least meaningful way possible. Which is rather odd considering 2 other famous entropians on those list are there purely as their descriptions state, because of Daisy ColdFinger :) . If Daisy was any less of a prolific PK'er and later pirate both Dilly and Wildman WOULD NOT be listed as Famous entropians. :D That said - were were all young and rather immature at the time, so all is forgiven ( assuming they too have matured ).
Entropia Times Interview - Daisy was interviewed for Entropia Times by Lykke, page 10 Again young at the time the commentary is rather unsophisticated but that was Daisy and her role at the time.
Most Accumulated PK loot - PK and Pirating loot in excess of 30K during her reign.
ROCK STARS - Part of the infamous society lead by the legendary Force Majeure.
Sponsored to PK - All 4 ROCK STARS members were sponsored to PK
The First to Pirate - Myself and the ROCK STARS were the first pirates in EU
Epic Society Recruitment Threads 1 & 2 - There will never be another soc thread like these - The mods wont allow it - Daisy in full character mode - very entertaining.

YouTube - Bad graphics but super fun to watch, especially the Ashi and Akmuul lootable pvp videos in particular were quite fun.

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