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    Happy New Year, Hooters! :)

    Happy New Year, Hooters! :)
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    Profile Contest - Voting Thread

    My votes Aviril -- It's a nice mixture of black and pink Ido -- It's a great pink with an awesome picture of himself What can I say, I love pink. ;-)
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    Happy Birthday Aviril

    Sorry I'm late! Happy late birthday! :) I'm glad it was good and too juicy to tell us about. ;-)
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    Tailoring BPs including 2 unique BPs, tailoring skills and coloring skills

    Fascinating package... Don't know if this is too late... but... I'll bid 75k for the blueprints. Daniel
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    New Estate

    Awesome! Sounds great Mojo! It's always nice to see players like you go out of your way to help newbies. :) I can't wait to see your estate. Daniel
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    Name Your Own Price Hair Cuts

    Woo hoo! Hey all, I just wanted to let you know that our wonderful Millie is STILL offering her famous: Name Your Own Price Hair Cuts! I just got mine yesterday with her, and she said I look like a pop star. ;-) I was hoping for more of a rock star... but we'll see what happens when more...
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    Challenge to Community - Revival

    Well, Might as well have another go, eh? Done, done, and done. :) Daniel
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    Beginning to panic right now

    Hmmm... Do you use AVG? If you do, you should look at this thread: If not, all I can do is wish you luck! :) Daniel
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    The Orb has Changed!!

    oooOOOoooOOOooo Hey Pink, Are these black spots referring to the Orbs you've already visited? (I'm VERY curious--and of course, stuck at work atm) Daniel
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    All Orbs are here.

    Weird... ;-) Screen shot please? :) And do please give us the coords if you're there! Daniel
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    New hair of VU 9.1 !

    Woo hoo! Woo hoo! I can't wait to see what hair style I can get! :) I'm sooo tired of looking all emo... :P (not that I have anything against emo people...) Daniel
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    ****** Fancy Some Free Efd? *******

    To each their own... but... ;-) I prefer using my opalo unamped with Snables, Exas, and Daiks. :) I almost always come in ahead... Although I'm picky about w h e n I hunt, too... Daniel
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    First 10,000 clicks

    Some newbie questions... Well, since we're all talking about this stuff, I have a question forming in my mind: As a newbie, should I use my Dampers BP at QR 1, or QR 100? In other words, which will yield more loot, and which will yield more skills? (Hopefully the answer to both will be the...
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    Announcing: The (L) Weapon Museum

    woo hoo ! Great Idea! + Rep! :) I'll come by later today after I get off work. ;-)
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    Did you get the foot guards you need by now ?

    I'm doin' okay... :) I have looted: Gnome - For my collection... Pixie - For my collection... Goblin - For my collection... But for my Shogun set, my friend looted some right away and gave 'em to me at TT. :) So I guess I'm ready... Although, I only wear my armor when escorting people...