I'm a gamer chick with a husband and kids, a silly job, a chaotic real life, great friends, crazy family, and a passion for it all.

if it's fun, then I probably like it
August 31
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Pyrates of Calypso
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Danielle YourMom «♥»
I work somewhere that helps to pay the bills .. that's enough ;)
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I've played Entropia since 2006 and I've loved every moment of it. LoL - ok pk ok .. outside of loot, that is.

I started my society, Pyrates of Calypso the day I joined this world. It's by far, my proudest achievement on Calypso. It's grown into a pretty large group of inspiring and amazing people, from all over the world. They come and go, as they grow - but I have a special place in my heart for them all :)

I'm a real life married mother of 2, with the best husband and the coolest kids. we have too many pets and not enough free time. our lives consist of a lot of laughing and spending as much time as we can together.

A lot of people need to remember - THIS world is just a game. No matter what the marketing department says - it's JUST A GAME. Don't surround yourself in e-drama. *eyeroll emote* we have enough of that shit, in real life. just have fun ;)

I'm a miner and a hunter .. but I suck at looting in both. lol

My highest unlocks by profession are : Combat Sense, Mineral Sense, Power Catalyst, Martial Arts, BPC, Avoidance, and Treatment.

my best loots in 4.5 years :
Unlimited (M) Tiger arms + 3.8k // Argonaut Young - 3.4k
I'm a towerless miner with my biggest loot being 1.016 ped gazz - unamped wayyy back in 2007. wtf MA - get on that shit! lol