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    We had a baby....

    WOOOOT <yo kev, it's G. cant find my damn login.....> gratz my friend, nothing beats fatherhood. two things to get her right quick mate, an adjustable spanner, and a kitchen knife :cool: , all the best from all of us here. give both your ladies a big ole hug. love and shit GDMA :laugh:
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    Selling: Furor eye.

    this is a picture taken in September 2008, when Loki looted his furor eyeball I think that this was the entire description .. but it's been a long time, so I could totally be mistaken. bump .. ? :)
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    missions that reward with attributes

    lol .. I'm still pretty unclear as to what these hunting for points missions entail or how exactly to chart it out, here. But, I found a cool chart about it and I'm just going to copy that :D :duh: I didn't even search out Next Island's mission :ahh: that one is leftover from many months ago...
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    missions that reward with attributes

    alright - I think the first post is now 'up to date' I went through all the posts on this thread since I'd last updated, in August. I had no idea it had been that long ... :whistle: I corrected and added all the things mentioned by y'all in the last 8 months .. corrected reward on hiryuu...
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    missions that reward with attributes

    after a handful of months out of game, I'm back to playing on a 'regular basis.' (like it or not:silly2:) just as I was thinking, 'I need to update that damn attribute thread.' soc mates began discussing the 'rebalancing' of missions coming up in August so, now I'm wondering if I should I...
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    inactive since October .. what'd I miss ? :)

    why, thank you! :dance: NooOoOo ! bring it back and break 'em .. fab ! :duh: why won't people be completing them anytime soon? :scratch: I approve, I approve and I think I approve .. (I reserve the right to change that last approval, later ...) ty for the update, Remontoire ! :tiphat:
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    inactive since October .. what'd I miss ? :)

    lol :duh: ahhhh crap ... I forgot about that !! I'll get on that, in a minute .. promise ! ;) and ty ! /Danielle
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    inactive since October .. what'd I miss ? :)

    haha - I did .. tyvm :tiphat: I have heard some stuff from friends in game and kept up a little on FB .. maybe I didn't miss much .. :scratch:
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    inactive since October .. what'd I miss ? :)

    Hello my friends, fellow colonists, and total strangers !! :wave: long time no post .. no EU .. no Calypso anything :rolleyes: I'm back from my undefined break of all things pixelated. It actually lasted a couple months longer than I thought .. regardless; I'm baaaacckkk !! I hope to renew...
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    HoF: I did this

    but .. but .. but .. I've been gone for months !! fuck you ! oh yea .. congratz ! :) it's not the size of the giant head that matters .. it's how you use it to HoF <3
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    Well I have never gotten this stressed before from a game.

    I call bullshit ! :bs: we've been friends for quite some time ... you ALWAYS get this stressed out over a game. :laugh: I couldn't get past that first line of untruths! :nana: :wave:
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    3K noob hof

    the white dot on your radar died of shock .... :laugh: congratz, Johan :D :yay:
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    Uber: Nice Hof with nice item!

    trox > pk this lesson brought to you today, by the full tt esi. congratz on a fatty loot :D
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    ATH: Austro flips the Bird

    WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOT !!! :yay: :dance: :wtg: I am SO SO SO happy to see this for you, Austro !! :sniper: It's been a long time coming and very deserved !! :tiphat: Go Pyrates, go !! :woot: Have fun spending it .. don't spend it wisely ! that's OVERRATED ! but .. don't forget the 5% tax...
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    Uber: Oh what a wonderful week its been. 38K from Atrox Youngs!

    omg Xander !! :yay: couldn't have happened to a much nicer guy - very happy for you ! :dance: 2 in 5 days, eh ... keep trying for a 3rd ! :sniper: :D well done, my friend ! :hug: