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  • cheers, would only be my stuff not skills :) takes to long to get them and im sure things will get better down the track, goodluck
    Yo buddy! We do need to catch up some time! Hopefully I'll see you on sometime soon, we'll chat! Makes me think I lost you when the FLs were changed or something :S
    Ofcourse man! Not a problem, I'll see what I can cook up. Will have it finished within a week or so. :) Also, I really need to remove private messages in my inbox. Don't worry, next message you send will go straight to my inbox!


    I can most certainly do one for you man! Sorry I've got my list full, stupid how the forum does that, but it's okay!

    next time you send me a rep comment make sure you are SOBER.

    "My point of view" is exactly the same as "as I see it"

    Even a 10 year old knows that...

    What has depositing to do with someone else using an exploit?

    Dude, grow up.
    Do me a a favour and stop posting when drunk.

    You've joined the forum in January, and this is what i measure your post count on, nobody gives a flying rats ass about when you joined the game...

    And it is Ogre, btw, and "quit trolling around" is not calling someone a troll?

    I've said it to countless forum n00bs before, but it is still perfectly valid:
    The sheer quantity of posts within such a short timeframe sufficiently proves a lack of quality posts.
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