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    FYI: Smuggler Armor

    Correct just some female gloves, which I think dropped in Warehouse 1 or 2 I have hunted warehouse 4 to death and no UL armour or decent items have dropped.
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    Buying: bio ids in bulk

    Good luck with your search :)
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    Selling: (CLOSE THREAD)LP-70 FEN T2.99

    I am old school, so perhaps i missed something about these guns...... but if they are that good at profit making, could you enlighten me, as to why active players keep selling them? I am sure your reply will boost your selling thread.
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    Buying: Vampiric Cloak of Lifesteal (M)

    Sold mine in September for +24k if that helps........ with current values! I am pretty sure there was one for sale in one of the shops in a mall, might be worth a look.
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    Buying: Empty Esi’s

    Looking for empty Esi's
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    Selling: Uber and rare items

    Sounds kind of cheap , when you think that a Supremacy set went for +64k a few months back!!
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    Price Check Shadow set (M) UL

    Low Tier set 26 to 29k ----- High Tier set 29 to 32k Tier 4/5 set around 33/34k
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    Selling: Zombie ul Male

    Zombie Male ul full set for sale.... Shot me an offer... Regards, DannyO
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    Entrolympic Events 2020

    Due to complaints from players, and the discussion amongst the sponsors, you can withdraw my name from the list. Good Luck to all......
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    Buying: Empty Esi’s

    Looking for empty esi’s regards, DannyO
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    Buying: Closed

    There is a Scanthi for sale t6, they are quite rare, only 3 in game, blp version, if you have the skills..... A big plus is a Dante amp is only like 800 ped compared to laser amp prices!!
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    Selling: A few nice items......

    He doesn’t have an account, and I am trying to help.... is that ok?
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    Selling: A few nice items......

    Scanthi t6 - +50k Imp Gyro Fap - + 30k Full Pegasus M - + 25k Arkadia shop - open to offers Full Sandstormer M - + 30k
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    Prototype Regeneration Field Chip

    Are you some sort of Halfwit? You really think I don't have better things to do than to TP around the planets trying to gain skills from a TP Chip? What good would that be, smart arse? Anybody who knows me, will know I grind big mobs...….….. I have a mod resto which I use all the time and an...
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    Prototype Regeneration Field Chip

    A lot has been written on this forum, questioning my integrity, with defamatory comments, so even though my account is currently pending investigation, I thought I would reply with a brief statement. I am sure this statement will be pulled apart by the conspiracy theorists of you, but it is...