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    unlimited quad-wing Justifier sell

    is a unique item... or there are only a few of them... someone wants it, and pay for it...
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    1808 @ Sentosa's Reach

    its only in TV movies... or Deepak Chopra books...
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    How CODEX META Human Are You? Highest Known!

    Dante Artorius Inferno - 102
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    3631p Ambu

    once again the theory that those who withdraw from EU for a few months (or years) when they return receive some "reward" is right. In any case GZ !!
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    Cyrene ? ? ?

    The thing is simple: they saw that the Mayhen had no customers because people were in cyrene making the armor, and they cut with the excuse of drop rates, blah blah blah ... All this will end when the mayhen ends, then everything will return to normal ... and then we complain when the PP do not...
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    Suggestion: New: trust relationship

    I think I have not explained myself clearly: I mean to be able to look at or take something from the storage of another player on the planet where I am because that player has given me "permission" to look at it. It could be that that player did not have anything I need, in which case I would...
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    Suggestion: New: trust relationship

    It is something that has happened to me: my wife on one planet and I on another, and one needs money or things that the other person has in storage, but since they are not on that planet, they cannot give us. The solution is to sell something at the auction for the value of the money needed...
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    Suggestion: Incomplete Codex

    Actualy the codex show info in the planet where you are... is possible show info from ALL planets where code ar implemented? So, i can see my codex progress in another planets and decide which planet and/or mission and/or mob is the best atm. TY
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    Achievement: Martial Artist

    Now, you are like Bruce Lee, lol
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    Achievement: LVL 15 Tailor - Fashion Design

    Thanks to the daily missions of Next Island, it is now easier to raise the skills of tailor and associates ... in a short time I managed to reach lvl 15 and unlock Fashion Design ... I feel like Galiano or Christian Dior, lol
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    PRINT SCREEN 2020-10-24 10-40-13.jpg

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    My first discovery... in cyrene

    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS...... my first discovery.... a component for cyrene... Zorn compound A..... :yay: P.D. in homage to Avatar "Franki Fenix Amador"... in the past he never gain a discovery...