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    BladesofTalos Rental Service

    I've rented a couple of clubs. I've taken my clubs from 19/20 to 29/30 in and my HP has gone up 3 points in about 6 weeks I don't cycle a whole lot. Blades is really cool to work with, very professional, checks up on you to see how things are going, makes recommendations on mobs and lets you...
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    Entropiafund Events: Jackpot, Amazing items in Prizes (Join Here)

    Register: Darwi Dar Odrade Thank you
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    Selling: Selling - Asclarias - L8 (SOLD)

    SOLD.. Please close
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    Selling: Selling - Asclarias - L8 (SOLD)

    Selling level 8 Asclarias - 450 ped (fully fed)
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    Buying: [Meckel & Loch ML-35-Adjusted (purchased -close thread)

    another bump. still looking.
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    Buying: Ares Ring Improved- Purchased close thread

    WTB - Ares Ring Improved - msg or (PM in game - Darwi Dar Odrade)
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    Buying: [Meckel & Loch ML-35-Adjusted (purchased -close thread)

    Want to buy: [Meckel & Loch ML-35-Adjusted] - Send msg or PM in game. (Darwi Dar Odrade) Thanks
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    Info: Gunners list

    Darwi Dar Odrade 28 (27) - Kronan
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    ComPet Announcement

    Great analogy but you left out the Happy Meal tripled in price. 1,000 peds in petcom deeds traded in for 200 peds Arkadia Moon Deeds. Totally not happy about this.
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    Selling: Caly Apartment & Dagger

    Caly Apartment & Dagger (all sold) Leoi Shock Dagger tier 4.4 tt + 400 (current tt value 3.26) (also now sold). Genesis Star Tower C Floor 8 Apt G ( 200 item count) +1100 Furnished or +1000 unfurnished (ped or trade AUDs) (Apartment sold)
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    Repairers List

    Please update me to level 42.. Kronan. Thanks.
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    Captains List

    Please update me to level 32 Captain. Thank you. (Kronan)
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    Call to Leeloo Leeloo Mountain

    Not at all. drop rates (Especially on hides) are significantly lower since 2.0 which has caused a dramatic increase in the MU. But yes, echoing the others. I miss Leeloo and hope she is ok.