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    Untrackable quests: Long-term bug

    Now, I don't play much anymore these days, so I always just assumed that this major bug was something I had been doing wrong for the last 14 months or so, but today I asked out loud at Twins and then again at Nea's and discovered that, seemingly, most (but not all) of Entropia has also been...
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    Anyone for WoF Scotland 2012?

    Well, Kygon was the man that led us to victory against the favourites USA in a match a few years ago, one of WoF's biggest upset results I might add, so can't go wrong with him on board. I've technically been in Team Scotland for 4 out of the last 5 years, and although all I do nowadays is sell...
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    Battle Royale

    Not suprised about that. Several films have tried to follow the ilk. "The Tournament" was probably the one that followed most of the idea's the closest, but it simply didn't project the participents desperation in the way that Battle Royale did. Another one that tried it was the film "Mean...
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    Is it normal that punies and guardians drop the same thing?

    I can't remember if it was Marco, but there was some employee of MindArk at the time who once said something along the lines of: "The best advice I can give you is that if your loot is bad then switch mob and/or area. If it is still bad then log off and try again later." I always thought he...
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    Various Armours and Plates

    Hi, I've been out of game for, well, forever it seems, and I'm busily selling off some of my stuff via auction, but in auction you can't sell off entire sets of plates or armour, so I need some help on this one to know how much these go for nowadays: 7 x 6A's 7 x 5B's All female armour...
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    Entropia Universe 12.2.0 Release Notes

    I think it's not so much what is in the update is this time, it's the fact that MA did WHAT they said they would WHEN they said they would do it. That, for me, is the best thing about this update.
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    Event: EU World Boxing Championships 2011

    LightWeight - still have 128HP, same as I had last year and the year before. :/
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    Will there be an EU World Boxing Championship this year?

    Kiddo is a word I use a lot to the extent that some people nick-name me as "Kiddo" irl. I always felt it was a friendly word and use it a lot while typing, in particular in in-game chat and on Yahoo etc. Didn't expect it to come across as derogatory, but seeing the result here, I guess I can...
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    Will there be an EU World Boxing Championship this year?

    Chillax Juniper, I was not attacking you or your friends, don't be paranoid. I was just pointing out that what happened to your friends was an unfortunate chain of co-incidences very unlikely to happen again and not really something that (in my opinion) would warrant changing the structure of a...
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    Senorita Sexy Pants account hacked, read for INFO

    Always wonderful to see a Happy Ending to these situations. :) Warms my soul. :)
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    Will there be an EU World Boxing Championship this year?

    Well, I only log in for events such as this. Last time I logged on for something other than to stop MindArk harrassing me about my account being inactive was to take part in a kind of "Rally Race" which someone had organised about a year ago. I share a wireless connection with 16 other people...
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    Planet trading overwiew

    That's got to be the reason. Newcomers won't be using the auctions from day 1. There are always people who will go huffy and sell-out when they see something they don't like, even though lootable PVP in space is in fact absolutely essential for space trade as I pointed out in this thread. The...
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    The reason why Lootable PVP in space is a good thing

    Apologies if someone has already made a statement like this one, but my connection is so slow these days I can barely browse the forums. Anyway, as with most others my initial reaction was "Lootable PVP in space? Pffft, I'll stay where I am then." (If I'm ever able to log back in that is)...
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    Smoke Monster ! Where did it go ?

    I do actually recall someone talking about this before, but I have a feeling it was probably a miss-understanding when someone mentioned the joke screenie from earlier.
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    Bug ate my car!!

    Got that story beat.... This happened to me on the very day cars came out. My friend got one of the free cars and we were riding around in it, and then she asked if I wanted a shot at driving it. Within about 30 seconds of having me at the wheel it was destroyed in this exact same way. I was...