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    Buying: Berserker Foot Guards (M) or blueprint

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    Teamviewer mouse problems

    Teamviewer isn't really made for gaming, it's more about being stable and not low latency streaming. I think I tested parsec and rainway in the past to play games from my pc on a macbook air, worked fine with first person shooters so would take a look there. This was few years ago so not sure...
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    Did my Rubio carbine come from an Argonaut?

    You loot em from puny mobs around icarus all the time, not sure about the puny argonauts tho
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    News: Omegaton Export Initiative

    What price did they buy it for? I totally missed this. I'm actually still using 2A plates on my low tier armor.
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    Entropia on Linux

    Everything's working fine here, any errors in the logs?