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    Entropia on Linux

    Fresh version of POL installer Here you can find updated POL installer script. I am trying to keep it up to date because I am playing EU mostly on my Xubuntu machine :)
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    Bawean Warty Pig

    Now I know where the idea for creatures come from :) :laugh:
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    Entropia on Linux

    Update for PlayOnLinux #!/bin/bash # Date : 2015-11-09 # Last revision : 2016-03-12 # Wine version used : 1.9.5-staging # Distribution used to test : Ubuntu, Mint, Xubuntu # Author : Hoek # Licence : GPLv3 # PlayOnLinux: playonlinux-4.2.10 [ "$PLAYONLINUX" = "" ] && exit source...
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    Entropia on Linux

    Works perfect! For those who are using PlayOnLinux I created installation script I also submited it on official PlayOnLinux site Thank you very much PkmX! You're the best! PS. Ahh one more thing, after...
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    Entropia on Linux

    Hi, Could you please create some small manual how to setup Wine and Entropia Universe on Linux? Did you use only Wine or PlayOnLinux app? I tried everything and it still doesn't work for me :( Best would be step by step instruction. Thanks in advance
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    Time to start again...

    Hello citizens of the planet Calypso! A long time I was not in the game. Time for a big comeback. Our Black Star Society survived and got... 2 members :) We are engaged in crafting and mining. On the occasion of sometimes we also hunting. If you're stuck somewhere on the planet, or need...
  7. Treasure in cave

    Treasure in cave

    I found some pec in the cave :P maybe some tourist lost it :P
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    PE Guide (PDF)

    hello its doesnt work, someone can upload it one more time?
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    Black Star Society

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    Black Star Society

    :::BLACK STAR SOCIETY::: Join Us!