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    Entropiafund Events: Jackpot, Amazing items in Prizes (Join Here)

    hope Chi comes back = must be on vacation - offline 7 days
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    I'd like to ask a question. What do you do now Irons have gone?

    Because it's the same set of rewards stage after stage for every single mob. Yep you do get more choice, but I think it's just that the skills to choose from never change from mob to mob, just the TT value - so that can feel boring (repetition). It's all psychological really and points of...
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    I'd like to ask a question. What do you do now Irons have gone?

    I really thought it would introduce more team hunting, because I thought needing the kills was something that was keeping people from doing that more. I haven't seen or notice any increase in teaming however. I do have a let down because before I'd go "well I'll just go work on my Atrox...
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    Research about loot multipliers frequency in hunting.

    Would you care to share/recommend any mobs to camp? I've played long time like you and always open to some suggesstions to help me avoid spending $$$
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    Research about loot multipliers frequency in hunting.

    Thanks for sharing all that. Seems like I have been doing that right sometimes. Sounds like I need to do some more kills, but often when I hunt Prots, Levi, or Feffox if I don't see a decent loot around 20 kills in I switch. That's been my sense - that if they aren't doing well and high...
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    Uber: Who says that high efficiency weapons can't swirl?

    awesome bud! ty for sharing pic
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    AMA video will be delayed

    On one hand, I get it as things continue to change at the drop of a hat and my European countries are going to lock downs. People's health is more important than some game questions, however I am with some of the replies - you could seek alternative methods. Zoom interview - even just make a...
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    News: Server Downtime for Maintenance

    I ordered a double cheese burger and the server brought out a slider...
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    The Hogglo Ranch - 500 ped Bonus Event - join now !!!

    gratz! jealous as hell - I haven't hit anything good there (yet?)
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    OLA#44 [200,603] deATH ahead - New Naming & Rewards!!

    Rough event yesterday - was in first for over 2 of the 2 1/2 hours of the event and Cecexa swept it away. Loot was good and made great progress on codex!
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    Hussk week!

    I don't understand the times.. it doesn't say on this new forum
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    Hussk week!

    UTC time?
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    How would you feel ?

    I didn't read all the replies and I'm sure they have lots of great points and can agree to a lot of different views on this. My initial thought though is : why did I wait? I don't know... it's a dang game... maybe I have other real life stuff to do. Maybe I don't feel like taking the time to...
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    What do you guys think of our balancing manager, Sally?

    I wasn't going to comment before but since you asked - I think this current one should be a huge improvement!