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  • Yoo, think you can be available for stage one? Im the captain from Team 8 (30-40dps) if you forgot. We are one man short right now and would be perfect if you joined....
    hi mate... think you can come to Cape corinth? Need to ad you to FL. Think we got a spot for you for Stage 1 :)...ty
    I am a finance student writing my master thesis, about EU. i am writing about socs, i would like to interview some of the members of the soc, and i was wondering if you think that you or a member of your soc would want to help me.

    hope to hear from you

    miss master thesis
    Hi goon, thanks for your message. To merge with Rat Pack seams to be a good idea for me. Will ask Sina also. I anyhow thought about changing soc. There seams to be a nice one for sina and me called German white Angels. But til now i did not make up my mind. in Peaceful Torture it is really not enough activity. Good time to change. I will give you a message when i know what Sina wants to do. Meanwhile, have a nice time. And see you.
    Time Change for match Sat 13th:
    Hunt this Saturday!
    @ 1600!!
    Team USA vs Portugal!
    --LAST round of Stage 4! Who we fight in the Semi-Finals depends on which place we secure now. We need to hold FIRST place.--

    The time is SET, confirmation received!!


    DA wanted to argue it but it is a day turn around for portugal to respond. We need to prepare you, so we agreed to it. as you can see below, 1600 is already late for them...
    Portugal time zone puts them at:
    1600ma - 7pm portugal
    2000ma - 10pm portugal
    0000ma - 1am portugal

    This will affect our numbers, but portugal will HAVE to beat us by 170 something points to knock us out of first place, so not sure we should be to concerned about it. LETS GET READY!!
    Hunt this Saturday! @ 2000
    Team USA vs Portugal!
    --LAST round of Stage 4! Who we fight in the Semi-Finals depends on which place we secure now. We need to hold FIRST place.--

    The time is tentative, waiting on confirmation, but it is important to give SOME warning. HUNT WILL BE THIS WEEKEND!

    Hi Goon, Rando asked me to yoin your wof-team this saturday against sweeden i would like to. maybe you can give me access to the wof private forum. i am not very familiar with forums. so i stayed away usually using this way of communication. have to get used to. cyu helo
    So what do you think were looking team wise, I know Lady and I will be there. Tom and Numa are gonna be no shows it looks like. Frank ,Dei and Hearse will be there Im sure. So thats 5..we need more peeps :)
    send me your email and Ill email the screenies to ya. My email is
    Looks like we are gonna be short 2 Tom and Numa. Should we look for alternates?
    Was just looking at roll call thread for this weekend and the new guy from Rat pack hasnt responded to the thread. Dont know what his name is or id send him a pm.
    hey there. I've applied for it, just need to check on whether it's been accepted yet or not. Was damn good fun with Ghost and Plates though. Beats having to keep running back half way through killing a mob.
    Just need to try and skill up for nearer the time when it starts. Hopefully get a few more levels on Laser, will have to see.
    Hiya goon...havent been on much I know. Whats going on with the wof team? See we have a new member kewl. John wants to join the soc again also.
    Helo told me tom is back? anywho Ill be on tonite for sure.
    Hiya goon...havent seen ya on but I invited a close friend of Lady and I to join the soc Elf is his name please approve the app...thanks
    I am asking you to please consider contributing to WOF this year.
    sign up thread
    rules thread
    Help America earn Her title Back from England!

    Thanks and Happy New Years! EBO
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