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    Buying: Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted

    Possibly looking to buy a Genesis Star Excavator Adjusted, PM me if you are looking to sell cheers.
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    Jurai Blood - ALL TIME BLOODS UNITE!!!

    Oh only just seen this sorry Ed :/ hope the turnout was good.
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    Selling: Skills

    Updated with more info
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    Selling: Skills

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    Selling: Skills

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    Selling: Skills

    Hello, looking to sell my skills I have 272k skills on my avatar so if theirs anything you need pm me, can tell you what I have available. Can provide collateral for about 2k Esi’s Here’s a few I’ve got to to give an idea: Handgun: 7595 Rifle: 8372 Wounding: 6640 Weapons handling: 6326...
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    Selling: Dragon Armour (M)

    Sold To short
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    Info: Ricks 2019 FEN hunting Thread.

    I could cycle 4K hunting for over a month, now it last what a few days tops? sorry you got burned again rick, breaking the addiction is tough but maybe time for you to call it mate? try some different games ARK is a pretty fun alternative.
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    Avatar's changing hands.... who are you actually dealing with?

    Still original here, Don’t play much these days though. Joined 2005 ��
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    Question: Kiting, exploit or not?

    its pretty annoying if you are trying to hunt normally and you have 5 people doing it near you, but I completed the prot mission so I don't see it that often anymore. I tried it a few times always found my loot worse when I wasn't getting hit by the mob, so I just used healers instead.
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    Uber: Omg tower omg omg omgg

    Congrats! 😀 Still looking for mine after almost as many years.
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    Do you think MA knows?

    I was able to complete the final 15k of LT bronze mission on a single deposit, something I'd never have been able to do in the last few years. i had all but stopped playing due to consistent shitty returns, now I may consider playing on a regular basis again if said trend continues. Seeing...
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    Let's see how ComPet is doing..

    Is that graph showing android only downloads? Has there been any news on when it will be on the Apple Store?
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    Question: mindforce amplifiers?

    Yeah would make sense to go that route, otherwise might as well have one implant fits all. exciting times, might actually play again if can kill fun mobs with mind force .
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    Help: launcher stuck

    The is the same issue I had yesterday doing the update, had todo a complete reinstall. It crashed again mid way through the install but luckily it worked after a pc restart. Seems to happen a lot lately :/