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    EntropiaFund Bonus Events

    Register (name change) bambideath deathception durka
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    EntropiaFund Progressive Jackpot event

    Register Bambideath deathception durka
  3. hunting academy

    hunting academy

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    Akoz' Ultimate Event : Registration Thread (2018 +)

    Register Leo deathception diaz
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    Selling: Igni l1000

    Selling my long time favorite handgun and amp tier 5.9 Omegaton Igni L1000 tt+1800 Omegaton a106 tt+1050
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    Suggestion: experienced player looking for soc or friends

    Hello everyone A little back story about my years of experience in game and out of game, I started playing EU in 2011 still being in highschool I was of legal age to play lol (in case MA wants to think I was underage ) I want to say it wasn’t the money part that had me sold for this game but...
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    No Remorse Mining event on LA64

    sing me in Leo deathception Diaz
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    AOL #29 Mining Paradise Event

    leo deathception Diaz
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    EntropiaFund Progressive Jackpot event

    register Leo Deathception Diaz
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    Entropiafund Mining Mania

    register Leo Deathception Diaz
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    Selling: Strongboxes

    selling strongboxes x700 for 5ped each 4.9 ped if you buy 10 or more 4.8ped if you buy 100 or more
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    Selling: adjusted jaguar, emik l2 UL. a106, dante

    Selling the following gear full adjusted jaguar set : BO 8.5k omegaton a106: BO tt+1.5k dante :BO tt+1800 emik enigma l2 UL tier 3.9 : BO tt+3k please no lowballers pure peds preferred