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    Did you and your friends tried to price fix some items on auction? " We can see that you've placed suspicious auctions, do you have any comments in regards to any of your auction sales? " i knew few "friends" that were placing high BO on usual low mu stuff trying to inflate the price. GL...
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    What ever happened to ... ?

    Did he change his name to "The Legendary Stormer Deluxe" :D
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    MA, don't remove Iron missions

    Can we get codex for mining so i can grind all useless shit too.
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    Every game has cheater not just Entropia Universe.

    In most other games cheaters cost you only your nerves, here they cost you nerves and your $$$ :)
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    where is the puss-puss ;)
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    more like WOKE MA, they are touchy about mankini.
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    Buying: TerraMaster 3 Gold Rush

    I see a lot of people looking for this finder atm,did they improved it somehow or what? what would be the current price? Free bump.
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    Red blinking outline on my health bar ????

    Not sure if that happens when someone puts target on you,like when you do teamhunt and set target on mob.
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    Selling: all skills

    lol you have like 10 threads about selling skills.
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    Support failed me - Any suggestions?

    IDK man looks like you just made it more complicated for yourself now but not having you ever leave house,work anywhere where you have workers ID.What would happened if you were stopped on the street and asked for ID and you don't have any document who you are? GL with solving this.
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    Selling: Improved Shogun Harness Female Tier 2.x. Unique?

    Some cool unfinished MA event like with Cronicle TEN but here only one part dropped lol :laugh:
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    What happened to Darkaruki i.e Quote|Mindark?

    I thought Sweden was getting culturally enriched these days...honk honk
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    What happened to Darkaruki i.e Quote|Mindark?

    what the fuck lol you sold guys gear ... :laugh:
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    FYI: Highest Known Intel Attribute in Entropia

    LOL you are like little children big dick intel measuring posts, just put Dan and lock both of your threads ffs...