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    Show your brute!?

    Fight me you weaklings!!! :boxer:
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    I !@#$ing Concur I Second that:wise:, Texas FTW!
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    My first mining global ever! Durulium Great (XIV)

    and how is it possible to get your global after 2 years of mining? i think MA is hinting you mate :D Gratz though!! hopefully this is the first of the global spam :)
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    FYI: Introducing the NBK Miners

    Ive been offline for a couple of days and already i see lots new miners!:wtg: Hope to meet you all soon(after i get some peds:laugh:)
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    all but ubah?

    lol @ Fallout3 comment
  6. Xbox Chipster

    Xbox Chipster

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    17596 Iron tower :)

    5 Digit Tower Gratz!:yay:
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    Mineral Sense

    Gratz!:yay: Hope to see mine soon, and my ruga aswell:D
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    Achievement: Calypso Ground Assessment

    Gratz! :yay:
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    Not all trade is fair.... (true story)

    Isn't revenge sweet? Gratz on your refund :rofl:
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    Droning On.....

    Wipe them out!:handgun: Good luck with these :)
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    Uber: My first tower :D

    After all this time MA was holding back, it was just filling up your lootpool to pop big! Another well deserved Tower to an AWESOME Person, (and proudly to say my mentor :D) !!!!BIG GRATZ!!!!
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    Mutant attack on E Scylla is underway!

    That made me LMAO out loud, I approve of this message.:D +Rep
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    my first tower

    Grate Mate! but leave some for the rest of the soc :D
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    Uber: My first tower :)

    Awesome Tower for an Awesome Player :cool: Gratz Eric, and may your next fatone be in hunting :D